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Although Herbs can bring some RS Gold for you - selling potions that made by Herbs, but it's still not very easy to new beginners! Below is some basic guides for new comers of Runescape:

As a general rule whilst collecting herbs, keep ALL of the herbs you cannot identify. This will save you a LOT of time and money later on.

Level 3 to 12

To begin with, you must complete the Druidic Ritual quest. This quest gives 250 XP (level 3), which is the foundation of your Herblore career. At level three, your choice is limited to attack potions, which require one Guam leaf, one eye of newt and a water-filled vial.

To advance to level five, make eight attack potions. This is easy, higher-level players often drop Guam leaves, and eyes of newt are easily obtainable from Betty in Port Sarim, or Jatix in Taverley. If you make your way to the Chaos druids in Taverley dungeon, you should be able to pick up a few quickly.

At this point, you can collect marrentill if you wish to make some antipoison potions; however, it is not recommended, as its second ingredient - unicorn horn dust - is tedious to collect. Therefore, continue collecting Guam leaves, and eyes of newt; after making 47 more attack potions, you will be at level 12, at which point you can make strength potions.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Druid

Level 13 to 25

From now on, the golden rule is to collect, collect, collect! To become successful, you will be spending hours collecting herbs and second ingredients. Now, you should be making strength and attack potions, then restore potions. Continue collecting herbs from Chaos druids. I suggest delving into the wilderness; Edgeville Dungeon members wilderness has a mass of Chaos druids, at around level 1 to 5 wilderness. Training here is recommended, as Edgeville bank is not too far off, and depending on your combat level, you should not be in too much danger.

As you are now competent at Herblore, you may wish to tackle some of RuneScape's quests that give Herblore experience: Jungle Potion, Recruitment Drive, Digsite Quest, or Zogre Flesh Eaters. Together, these quests give a total 5,775 Herblore XP, which will get you to approximately level 25; advancing you to the next level-barrier.

Alternatively, continue making strength potions; if you currently have ~2,000 Herblore XP, making 50 strength potions will get you to level 20. From level 22, making 50 restore potions (harralander and red spider eggs), will get you to level 25. At level 25 Herblore, you are now eligible to do the Heroes Quest!

If you have 15 herblore, and have completed the Shades of Mort'ton quest, you can make the Serum 207 potion, which has a much easier to obtain second ingredient (ashes),while giving the same experience as a strength potion.

Level 26-38

Level 26 means you have around 8,800 Herblore XP, can identify up to ranarr weed, and can make up to energy potions. The best potion to make at this level is regular energy potions, as they are very useful in quests where you have to run around a lot.

To advance as quickly as possible, try out some of the more difficult quests; One Small Favour, Shades of Mort'ton, Eadgar's Ruse, or Heroes Quest. The first two quests can advance you to level 38, from 26. Alternatively, make around 330 energy potions, using harralander and chocolate dust.

Although at level 30, you have the ability to make defence potions, I do not suggest doing so. Making these will simply waste the Ranarr weed, which you could use to make prayer restore potions (which you can make at level 38), as they are much more profitable. Check your bank for any unidentified herbs, to make sure you do not have any ranarr hidden away.

Level 39-50

At level 39, you are now able to make prayer restore potions, identify irit with a greenman's ale, and are soon able to make super attack potions. Prayer restore potions are overall, the best experience maker for an herbalist. Not only do they sell for a lot, but also their second ingredient is easy to obtain. Killing higher-level monsters gives you an increased chance of obtaining ranarr, or higher-level herbs as drops. The best place to collect snape grass for these potions is on Waterbirth Island by Rellekka. Take the boat to Miscellania and Etceteria to bank the grass.

If you have not already, now would be a good time to finish up some of the Herblore-XP-giving quests, as these will greatly assist you in getting to the level requirement for the Legends Quest.

Level 50 +

From level 50, Herblore becomes much more expensive and time consuming. At level 52, super energy potions are a great way to level, as avantoe is not very expensive. At level 55, you can make super strength potions, and sell them to Player Killers at Edgeville, or to duelers at the Al-Kharid Duel Arena .

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