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Let's recap what's happened to the market since price ranges were implemented:

When EA implemented the price ranges at first people freaked out. They were internally valuing their high-end players on what they were worth pre-ranges and comparing them to the new ranges (eg TOTY Kroos was worth 8 mil before price ranges, now he's 5 mil? F that, no way I'm selling him!). No one was selling because they thought things were going to go back to the way they were and didn't wanna get caught losing a high-end card they'd never be able to get back.

BUT - once it looked like a pattern was emerging where EA was lowering prices week-by-week (okay, spare me your token obscure silver IF that actually went up example) - people starting panicking in the opposite direction, so to speak (eg Oh shit, TOTY Kroos is now only worth 4 mil? EA isn't messing around, I'd better sell before they lower his range further). They were rushing to cash out, expecting further drops (which did happen), and many players hit their bottoms.

On PSN at least, coin buying/selling never really stopped. The $/100k Fifa 16 coins ratio has never been cheaper than right now. So the supply of coins is super flush in the market right now and players are now maxing out again. So where does this leave us?

I'm of the belief history will repeat itself, and it will happen like this:

TOTS MC is one week away - EA needs to get the market under control before the major TOTS happen (BPL, La Liga). I think they want to make TOTS cards similarly priced to last year, which means there are heavy prince range drops coming (some great TOTS cards last year were cheaper than good SIF cards this year). EA will bring the hammer down HARD on price ranges next week to scare everyone into selling again expecting further drops (I'm thinking a 30%+ cut on top players, a real heavy hit).

tl;dr: Only the threat of continually driving price ranges downward keeps the market liquid (on PSN). If gamers suspect EA is letting their foot off the gas (like they kinda did this week), players will continue to hoard top cards while their ever-increasing coin stash drives prices up and causing these same top cards to go extinct

Personally, I feel that at this point EA should almost be updating the PS4 market every few days dropping and dropping prices regardless of extinction or not. I've got a few of those extinct (not multiples of them but different ones) and while I'll be annoyed at the loss if it fixes the market I'm 100% for it. I'm more annoyed at the fact that EA cater to these people who are hoarding cards for profit and that they should keep lowering. If a card start appearing on the market at a certain price leave them until they go extinct again and bam drop.

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By runescapegolds
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