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Marie Prom

Amanda Jean Dirksen and James Cody Ball were married on July 12, 2016, at Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz, California.

The bride is the daughter of Tim and Debbie Dirksen of Kingsley, Iowa. The bridegroom is the son of Rod and Mona Ball of Evanston, Wyoming.


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A reception was held at The Crows Nest in Santa Cruz. The couple enjoyed a short honeymoon at the Chaminade Resort and Spa in Santa Cruz. They are now at home in Sheridan, Wyoming.

The bride graduated from Kingsley-Pierson High School in 2009 and from Mount Marty College in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in human services and a minor in special education. She is currently employed at Sheridan Junior High School as a Title I instructor paraprofessional and at Sheridan College as assistant volleyball coach.

The bridegroom graduated from Evanston High School in 2005 and graduated from Mount Marty College in 2012 with bachelor's degrees in English writing, English literature and a minor in psychology. He is employed at Sheridan College as director of dual credit programs and is an adjunct professor and volunteers as an assistant coach for the men's basketball team.

Included in the wedding party were: Jerica Stickney, matron of honor and sister of the bride; Cayden Stickney, best man and nephew of the bride; Blake Stickney, ring bearer and nephew of the bride; Aaron Stickney, music, and brother in-law of the bride.

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Marie Prom

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