What About The Leather Courier And The Messenger Bag?

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Leather courier and messenger bags have been around for a long time. There have been several descriptions of each. I have seen people, in writing Startup Goes To Black Screen or in verbal explanation, attempt to distinguish the difference between the two leather bags. Actually, there is little or no difference between the two cases. The dictionary usually uses one term to synonymously define the other.

The courier or messenger bag is distinguished from other leather briefcases and bags by the size, shape and style. They usually have a flap from the top of the back over the main compartment to one-half, or full coverage on the front. This flap provides protection and a place to put another Learn Digital Photography - 6 Questions to Look for Before Taking a Digital Image zippered pocket or to attach smaller compartments - in order to organize and store smaller gadgets.

They can be a horizontal or vertical format and be as small as a man bag or do[censored] ent case; or as large as a laptop case or satchel, such as a mail bag. The leather courier and messenger bag has an adjustable strap, usually with How to Clean Modern Plastic Decking a shoulder pad. The shoulder pad assists in holding the bag on the should while carrying it on the same side of the body. The pad also helps to distribute the load. Finally, the strap can be lengthened to carry the courier across the body for comfort and stability.

In my opinion, more important issues lie in determining the history of the two bags and explaining their usefulness. Couriers or messengers have been deplo[censored] in times to war to carry important do[censored] ents from Popup.exe one commander to another. Courier bags have consisted of little more than a leather pouch with a pocket large enough to hold a paper sized do[censored] ents, and possibly contained a map pocket or plastic window to protect the map in adverse weather conditions (in more modern applications - WWII and on).

Another type of messenger bag has been developed by those supplying electrical and telephone linemen. They have used a shoulder bag with a flap, from one-half to full overlap. The bags have been made of canvas, leather or a combination of the two materials to carry tools and heavy metal fasteners up the poles - while keeping their hands free for climbing and working.

Postal carriers have used a large leather bag fashioned in the same configuration. The Pony Express even used a leather messenger bag so the weight of the mail apriltwentiblogmix could be evenly distributed for a comfortable ride and handed-off quickly, while protecting the The Password For On Has Expired, mail from rain and dust. Bicycle couriers in the large cities have also used this style and format to dispatch their mail and do[censored] ents around the major cities.

The leather courier or messenger is durable, versatile and stylish. They Inline Gear Reducer fit nicely Corrupt Word Documents on Cars and Mice and the Things in Between Wall Street or the Santa Fe Trail. On horseback or in the air, they protect and organize your gadgets, computer, do[censored] ents, I Pad, pens, cameras, or even a change of clothes. You are always in style when you choose a courier or messenger bag that wears well and improves with age.

Jerry Slauter is a retired school teacher who sells leather couriers. Shop with us and treat yourself or somebody you admire Alberta Arbitrator: What Can They Manage For You? with a quality leather gift that will improve with time. Check the Scully Aerosquadron leather courier in our American Heritage Collection.

Jerry Slauter is a retired school Electrical Dog Fence: Your Aid in Permitting Your Dog Acknowledge His Limits teacher who now owns and manages http://LeatherBriefcasepro.com Shop with us and treat yourself or somebody you admire with a quality leather gift that will improve with time. Check the Scully Aerosquadron leather courier in our American Heritage Collection.

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