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Date & time May 4 '16
Creator shirleyosmans

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Yii is an object-oriented, open source, component-based PHP web application 7 Ways To Connect With Your Blog Readers development framework. It is basically pronounced as "Yee" or [ji:] and it is an acronym for "Yes it is!". In 2011, Yii framework has topped the list of the best mayfourthblogmix PHP frameworks, with its latest version it supports features like Yii MVC (Modal View Controller), i18N/L10N, authentication, caching, DAO/Active Records, role based access Outlook Express In control, testing and scaffolding and much more. The project Yii was started to fix some drawbacks of the PRADO Outlook 452 Error Message Framework on January 1st, 2008. Some of the drawbacks of PRADO Framework were- In its earlier versions it was slow when handling complex pages, had a steep learning curve and many control were difficult to customize, whereas, Yii was much more efficient at that time. After ten months of private development, in October 2008, the initial alpha version of Yii was released. On December 3rd, 2008, Yii 1.0 was formally made available.

Some of the high-lighting features of yii framework are:

Fast- Yii loads only those features that you call for. It has powerful caching support. It is specifically designed to work efficiently with AJAX. It does not create an object until the object is accessed for the first time, also it does not use a cl[censored] until the cl[censored] is used the first time.

Secured- Security comes as standard with Yii. It encloses input validation, output filtering, Cross-site scripting prevention and SQL injection.

Error handling- Errors are handled and displa[censored] more fairly, and log messages can be classified, filtered and routed to various destinations.

Unit and functionality testing based on Selenium and Windows Vista BusinessError 1327 PHPUnit.

Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.

Version History:

Color Meaning

Red Old version; no longer supported

Yellow Old version; still supported

Green Current version

Blue Future 0xfbb3 version

Yii MVC comes with a collection of official do[censored] entation, such as a tutorial to develop a simple blog application, a guide that gives an enumeration of the essential qualities of Yii and a cl[censored] reference which gives every detail about characteristics, methods and events. There is also a user-contributed do[censored] entation, which is available in the wiki on the official website.

Yii development offers a great platform for Yii developers by being the most fast, secure and professional framework which makes Yii MVC the best PHP framework for web application development. Being an open-source, component based, object-oriented PHP web application framework, yii Developer can provide you professional Yii development services for a flourishing business. Yii development is a high performance PHP framework that allows the creation of cost efficient PHP based Web Applications.

To create web applications that are highly interactive, you must create it using Yii MVC framework. You can get the best application development services according to your business needs with the help of expert Yii Developers.

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