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A Good Choice to Dropship Yoga Products

Jul 12 '18

1.Introduction of yoga market

Yoga is not just a popular or trendy workout. Yoga is an ancient method of energy knowledge and is the scientific and artistic combination, which is built on the basis of ancient Indian philosophy. For thousands of years, psychological, physical and spiritual precepts have become an important part of Indian culture. It is believed that exercising the body and regulating breathing could fully control the mind and emotion, maintaining a healthy body forever. Thus how to dropship yoga products has become one of important question for people to think.

2. The market of fitness product - yoga

With the fast also stable social development and the improvement of people’s living standard, folks pay more and more attention on keeping fit and expanding lifespan. They would keep health and expend lifetime through taking medicates, improving eating habit, and doing sports, etc. Gradually, yoga has been a hot fitness project at an unconscious way. There are growing Numbers of yoga exerciser. Yoga practitioners are mainly young women whose ages are between 25 and 35, and their demand is still at a high speed, which is the largest consumer group of yoga. Consumer groups that are yet to be developed or further developed include youthful women, youthful men, elderly people, and pregnant women, etc. Therefore, whether the existing market or the potential market, the space of yoga’s consumption demand is very large, which brings the rapid development of yoga products. They are mainly divided into 3 types. First, yoga books, CDs and other products. Their characters and values are the way for beginners to know yoga. Secondly, different yoga fitness training classes in clubs or other places. Third, those yoga studio with deep expertise. All in all, with the integration of yoga culture into folks’ urban life, Yoga-themed additional consumption is a huge market, such as: yoga tourism, yoga food, yoga restaurants, yoga clothes, etc. Thus, choosing a favorable yoga product and purchasing yoga products are important theme for people.(jewelry dropshippers)

3. Trending fitness products - yoga products

There are many visible yoga fitness sport products, such as yoga mat, yoga ball, yoga column roller, yoga ring, yoga sock, and so on. Here, I mainly introduce the there among them: TPE yoga mat, yoga ball, and yoga ring.

TPE material is a natural latex and hemp environmental protection material, recyclable, reusable, which won’t produce bad influence on our environment. TPE-based yoga mat has good elasticity, good anti-skid effect, and good toughness. The actions of training yoga ball aim for the abdomen, back, waist and other major parts, reducing stress and enhancing the endurance of leg and spine. The soft foam grips ring is comfortable to use while performing yoga exercises to strengthen your upper and lower body muscles, help you improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Each yoga product has its own special advantages. Just choose one fitting you and then start to exercise yoga to keep fit. From the above mentioned, we know that dropshipping yoga product is important, but do you know the ways to find suppliers fast and effectively?

4.The way to find suppliers on dropship yoga products

Makes sure the terminology we need to use in our researches after determining the type of suppliers. As we know, the supplier could be the manufacturer, wholesaler, or dropship / dealer. Although many platforms are committed to handling fraudulent dropshipping vendors, we would still find many stories about fake suppliers circulating on the Internet. For example, one buyer order some goods from one online platform, but the buyer cannot contact to this assigned supplier for he has gone with the money. So we recommend that doing background checks on dropshipping vendors is necessary, which not only helps us ensure that our customers get high-quality services, but also ensures that they enjoy product satisfaction.

There are a number of factors to be considered when choosing a dropshipping provider. You need to ensure that the supplier you choose is reliable when you decide which products have good profit potential. We put this part together to show you how to find the dropshipper on yoga products and show you the dropshipping vendor type that you should avoid

1、The responsiveness of dropshipping suppliers should be valued.

Suppose you have an emergency -- a client is in a dispute over your paypal account and insists on reloading their order. In this case, you could want your dropshipper to respond immediately to your request.

To protect yourself from this situation, always check the vendor’s responsiveness before their goods are brought into your e-commerce store. You can simply send them a message via their email to see how quickly you’ve received the response. You can even create a fictional scene where you say you haven’t received your order yet. Pay attention to the time your seller replied and how they handled the situation.

A great dropshipping vendor will soon respond to you, understand your problem, and act quickly to correct it. Fortunately, you will be able to find many large dropshipping vendors on chinabrands.com. When you ask this question: “how do I find the dropshipper on chinabrands.com ?" You must remember your dropshipping supplier’s responsiveness. Their reaction to the price, quality, and shipping way of the product could help you produce a strong idea of the type of dropshipping vendor you are dealing with.

2、Don’t always aim for the lowest price.

Don’t get too excited when you find that the same product price is only a small part of the price. Usually, the price of chinabrands is compared with the quality of the product. But lower prices do not necessarily mean lower product quality for dropshipping suppliers, and vice versa. When you buy a product, you will find a lot of products on chinabrands platform. Comparing different prices of different dropshipping suppliers is a very good idea, if there are a lot of sellers to the same products have similar price. But you have found a vendor’s price is very low, this may indicate that the product’s quality is low. Another important suggestion is to check the comments of chinabrands customers to see if there is any negative comment about their quality - this will help you find the best dropshipping supplier in your store.

3、Pay attention to the supplier location.

It means that the products will be shipped from one place in the United States when suppliers have the USPS transport option. Their freight rates will be slightly higher, but their shipping time is much shorter, 8 to 15 days, compared to the ePacket. Many businessmen care about transportation time, so it’s a good choice for them.

If you meet some dropshipping vendor type meeting the above mention, you should get away with them.

Thus, the following methods are on how you can find the yoga suppliers: seeking from relevant professional magazines; seeking from customers’ supply channels; seeking from industry associations; directly searching for suppliers through internet (like Chinabrands, Oberlo, Wholesale2b, etc.).

Here, about dropshipping yoga products, I strongly recommend to choose chinabrands.com for reliable products, suppliers, and services, etc. This platform coordinate with many suppliers, with kinds of premium products, good 24-hours online services, 24-hours after-sale services, powerful business logistics (more than 10000 logistics lines), various customer service languages (more than 10 languages), and so on. Thus, a good choice to dropship yoga products is choosing chinabrands platform.


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