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The time is quiet and deep, and every node, turning back, is not all a colorful cloud, a bustling and beautiful, not necessarily full of flowers, full moon in the West Building. A turning point in the season, a season of darkness and lack of life, life is full of unpredictable, whether it is enchanting spring and summer, or lonely autumn and winter, is a season of wonderful, applause whether it is, that is the unknown answer. When and where, you must leave a clear sky, let the mind berth, life is you, I am the scenery on the road of life, while you are watching other people, she is also watching you in the distance, the scenery of life is embroidered with heart The flower buds, know how to retract freely, have a tight degree, live this bow, and will return you, the flower in time, you are a unique one, a stubborn shackle, a stumbling block on the road, lame The shoes, the mind is anchored, the life is beached, giving a comfortable and clear sky Usa Gold Cigarettes For Sale Online, giving back to leisure, filling leisurely, you can, she can also, as long as Ken, there is nothing that can not be put down, there is no unlock, no involvement Going to the river. The roughness of life, how many kinds, timely release, timely retreat, let a wind and light, take a step back. The interpretation of the flowers is on their own, well-known, let go of the flowers, tangled, confused, confused, is the smoke of life, how to open the clouds to see the clear, how to fly in the wind, the ferry, lies in a pair of eyes It lies in the exquisite heart. Trivial irritability, hard load, is the luxuriant leaves of life, cut to the dead branches and leaves, timely fertilization, watering, sunshine, buds of time, everywhere, roots sprouting, green horns, dead alley, yes The obstacle that you set yourself is the wall that rises from the bottom of the heart. How to get out of the maze, on the off-route, back to the center, the savior is himself, no one can replace it. Or choose to go to Gaoyuan, or choose a low-browed meditation, in the quiet homeland, eliminate weeds, trim the branches, peacefully embrace the hometown of the soul, return to the original hometown of life, the net window listens, the simple voice On a pure platform, build a restful rainbow bridge, let the mind go to park, and life can be fenced to a parked yard, planted a half-acre flower field Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons, when the flowers are full of clothes, then the moon is full floor. Always give the mind a fake, always repair the fence of the living wall Make Newport 100, when the grass is overgrown, remember to properly remove the cold wind and cold rain, blow away the rhetoric of smoke, sort the notes of the years Newport Red 100 Online, let the puzzle, shelve, change Thinking, that may be the color of a garden, waiting for you and me. The road of life is long and bumpy, parked at the right time, beached, sings the words of the road, light steps, will be leisurely with the moon, far away, a city is dark, sighing. The thinning obsession, the dim eyes, the indifference, the thin rain has been down, maybe not able to change others, then try to change yourself! Maybe the front is a wonderful wait, maybe tomorrow is the fragrance of fireworks. The fire that illuminates the bottom of my heart, and the indifference of the color, are all turned and lost. There are many more thorns, and it is also nowhere under the wildfire. Don��t be discouraged, wet your shoes, you can come back again. Lost yesterday, and tomorrow, as long as you don't discard yourself, you can do a new side at any time, carrying a stormy boat. Always let the mind berth, life can be docked, in the picture of ink and blue; in the simplicity of porridge, in Qingning; in the green of the roadside in the walk... stop at every time of the stop, beach Tired, rest, look at the sun, do some idle things; look after the rain Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, pick up the dew in the morning, drink a cup of tea before the rain, invite one or two confidants, chat. In a variety of ways, let the mind berth, blow away the dark clouds around you, unload some weight-bearing weights, step on the light steps, and walk in each alternating morning. Maybe we are not high-powered, not rich, but you and I are healthy, you and I are happy, life is rich and carry a happy comb, relying on the stop sign, sit down, slow down One person, one line of words, a leisurely mood, quietly, combing every cold and cold rain, let the mind berth, life is on the beach!
ylq May 9
Time has passed, and eight days have slipped away from the hands, and the mood has changed with the increase in the number of days staying here. Not happy, not sad, just a little souvenir, a little pity. When I came to the primary school in this village on the first day, my dissatisfaction with the environment has been bothering me. I didn't have much chance to get along with the children, and I didn't expect to get any sincere friendship. But when the days here are almost over, the negative emotions seem to be gone. This shows that I am used to the bad things here, maybe the day I left is really coming, I will not want to be a teacher [url=www.cheapcigarettesfamily.com]Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online[/url], smashing! "When I was on the road to send children, I had a different voice. I went back and found that a tall and simple boy stood behind us and smiled at us and waved what you just said? I Didn��t listen to it.�� Teacher Chen Siyan said that when he approached the boy, I learned a Korean language from the teacher today, called Salang [url=www.vonderhain.com/marlboro]Carton Of Marlboro Reds Free Shipping[/url], do you know what it means? "The boy seems a little shy. I walked back a few steps. I know, I love you," I said as I walked. "Yes, I remember this word all at once, but I don't use it like this. I really like Teacher Chen." I like the way it is in class. If you don't understand it, you would like to say that the boy thanked the boy and walked along the path happily. It seemed that he was not far away and shouted "Teacher, thank you!" "At this time, we also smiled and waved at him to see this scene. I was suddenly moved by this little teacher and student. According to Teacher Chen, the boy is a student who speaks less in class. It��s just doing things silently. It seems that he is quite determined to say these things. In this way, Teacher Chen not only protects his little heart, but also keeps a good one in his heart. Image. Recalling the past few days, I vaguely remember the strangeness that I just came to Lushan Elementary School [url=www.usacigs365.com]Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes[/url], I didn��t adapt, I gradually became familiar with it, and now I am familiar with it. I am getting closer and closer, and I feel strong and reluctant. In the days when I was deeply involved in the education of the people [url=www.usacigs365.com]Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping[/url], I gradually found that I changed a lot. I didn��t have confidence in my own teachers at first, and I was afraid that I couldn��t teach students a lot of guilt. But I gradually realized that once I was determined to teach. I will do my best to prepare for the lesson and try my best to guide the students. From the first day, I took over the class teacher of the fifth and sixth grades. As a teacher of 28 children, I slowly learned that each of them is tiny [url=www.vonderhain.com/marlboro]Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url]. Personality, contact with their lives, hoping to try to walk into their world, approaching each other a little bit. I remember that the 28 children at the beginning were more shy, didn��t speak very much, and sat in their seats during the class. Or a few more good group chat and play, I don't have much contact with my class teacher. This makes me very distressed, I don't know how to deal with this communication problem, from time to time I will fall into contemplation and chat, physical education class, find me to jump rope, kick Scorpion and so on. But there are still some students who have never spoken to me. One day, several girls ran over and asked me: "Teacher, can we play together?" "After listening, I was a little shocked and immediately replied: "Of course!" You are welcome to come to the teacher to play. "I have always been puzzled. Maybe I should take the initiative to find them more and play, instead of letting them make this illusion, thinking that the teacher always plays with the boys in the class! The fact is that many boys take the initiative to find me to play. It��s very difficult for me to get involved. It��s hard to go to the other side and jump with them on the other side. It��s really a tangled day, the children are particularly sticky, I have come to chat with me, ask me various questions, leave my contact information, I will contact you later. Maybe the parting taste is too strong. Everyone is aware of it, but I am not willing to break this quiet joy. When I have a big class, I take my hand and go to the rope skipping together. Every day I am very happy and really experience the joy of being a people's teacher. I think I might be a teacher in the future and like to play with the children!
ylq May 9
 When I was young, I found my grandfather. If you drink tea, you must use a teapot. Let me always think that the tea made from the purple sand pot should be better to drink, so the grandfather would not pay attention, stumbled and climbed onto the chair, trying to look at the mysterious small pot. Everything escaped the little hand of the child, and it was not enough that the lid of the pot was broken by me. The grandfather ran to see it, didn't blame it, just sighed helplessly: "This child is really ruining the pot I raised. I didn't know when I was a child. What is the significance of this pot that has been with my grandfather for several years [url=www.fesshelby.com/marlboro]Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa[/url], laughing and joking? Now, when I grow up, I understand that this teapot is even more suitable for us. The artisan spirit of generations has been in the world. There are countless articles about suicide. There are thousands of famous words, but it seems to be ignored. The best teapot should be dark and maroon, such as ancient and modern iron, Dun Pang Zhou Zheng. But how to evaluate these shapes is also "the benevolent sees benevolence, the wise see wisdom", people have love, can not force. Under the influence of the edification, I also have my own understanding of the beauty of the teapot, the best of the ancient ,, the second is the second, the second is the fine, the fun is second. What is the truth? The teapot is part of the tea culture and pursues �� Indifferent peace [url=www.designerindex.net/marlboro]Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale[/url], super-worldly, the artistic conception, and the ancient ׾ is the most harmonious with this atmosphere, any artifact will change, or the older the old, or beyond recognition. The teapot is not, it It is suitable for both cold and warm [url=www.fesshelby.com/marlboro]Carton Of Newport Shorts Price[/url], and it is unchanging and changeable. It can't change its warmth and sincerity. It has been shining for a long time, and it has been filled for a hundred years. It adds a calm and simple bubble to a pot of tea. Unique product, no cockroach doping [url=www.webvipsmoking.com]Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url], body odor is mellow, listen to the tea language. Ning Shen Guan pot, even if it is, the pot that is used to play for thousands of times, still, do not tire, look at the skin's smooth, transdermal The connotation of the inside, the number of different sand grains, the long-lasting Chen Xiang is like yesterday, but it has already smashed the sea, the wind smoke has faded, but left an immortal teapot. A piece of tea falls into the pot [url=www.buyusacigarettes.com]Marlboro Red 100S For Sale[/url], people The world leaves an inexhaustible tea, the tea is passionate, and the teapot is loyal, for the sake of tea, all of it, and the whole life is full of tea. In the story of sadness and joy, tea and purple sand, in the court Before the quiet listening to flowers and flowers, looking up at Yunjuan Yunshu. Tea and purple sand, destined to inherit a period of human words, is also a tea city Jiangnan small town, carrying the dream of purple sand, but also lingering, half-night tea.
ylq Apr 13
Some afternoon in May, take a stroll in Nanchang Street. I didn't deliberately put on an umbrella, so I let myself be caged by the sun, warm and slightly enthusiasm, a slightly sweaty nose, I feel like a baked bread, with yeast fragrance [url=www.webvipsmoking.com]Newports 100S Price[/url], but soft and weak. Just want to find a shaded corner and sit down for a while. I found it hidden in the corner of the street, the texture of the wooden table, so beautiful, black sofa, with sandal wooden handrails, steady and deep, with a trace of simplicity. Of course, the most joyful thing is that in front of the blue wallpaper [url=www.prideconcept.com/marlboro]Marlboro Lights Online[/url], the classical bookcase, the master of thought sleeps on it. Taking a picture at hand, the Mito and the wonderful words are presented. The treasure disc record player faintly sent wonderful tonignt, and occasionally equipped with the accompaniment of the grinder "����" [url=www.wholesalenewport.com]Cheap Newport 100[/url]... I know, this is the corner of the world of Taoyuan can not resist the velvet coffee incense [url=www.prideconcept.com/marlboro]Cigarette Wholesale Prices[/url], asked for a cup of iceberg . Full of cups, ice cubes to the mouth, ice, super concentrated coffee, extremely bitter, undiluted syrup, very sweet, layered, no liquid to drive, take turns in the mouth, stimulate the taste buds, Unleash the arrogance and enthusiasm of the body... what clear reasons. That kind of shock, without any verification, this is a world that you love. Outside, squatting, dust; inside, soothing, fun, one person's afternoon, lonely light, through the glass window, the bright light column, the thin tree, the orange, the scene, everything, almost ordinary, air In the middle, it is also filled with the usual atmosphere. It is common to feel that there is no new idea at all. However, the taste of coffee always contains too much emotion. Or thick or light bitter, or strong or weak sweet, thorough cold, warm heart heat, only in this way, can people, have awkward, have expectations. The mature side is sentimental, and the sentimental heart is full of passion. Everything looks so different, but it is intertwined [url=www.buyusacigarettes.com]Carton Of Newport 100 Cigarettes[/url]. It can't unravel the depth of the record player. It seems a little empty and more boring. . It is so silent, heart, or miss the distance, or at this moment, or looking forward to the future, or doubting forever. Take a sip of it, the cold iceberg in the hands of the cold, the bitter fragrance filled the melody, the melody is not only, the coffee is still, I don��t know why the mood is like this, let it be flooded, let it flow, only know the hand holding this Cup of coffee, accompany me.
ylq Apr 13

Resultado efetivo
4-6 tratamentos, pele mais jovem e mais jovem

Tecnologia ASD Medical grade usada por terapeutas clínicos qualificados

Experiência na indústria
Mais de 15 anos de experiência

Agora, com cuidados com a pele simples, seguros e não invasivos, você pode desfrutar de uma pele mais jovem, mais bonita, cheia de saúde, vitalidade e sem cicatrizes. Nossa IPL Skin Photo Regeneration Machine irá reduzir a descoloração geral da pele e até mesmo eliminar o tom da pele.

Também conhecido como regeneração da foto da pele ou rejuvenescimento facial, o tratamento IPL é um processo rápido e relativamente indolor que funciona como outros lasers, exceto pelo fato de usar seu próprio filtro para emitir múltiplos comprimentos de onda de luz para atingir a pele. Diferentes áreas problemáticas são necessárias. Isso aumenta sua capacidade de penetrar na pele sem usar níveis de energia violentos para expelir qualquer pigmento danificado, tornando a pele irresistível, mais suave e mais jovem.


Tom de pele irregular, pele queimada pelo sol, pigmentação e rosácea, capilares visíveis, poros dilatados e linhas finas


IPL photorejuvenation machine - Ame a sua pele!


Para a pele envelhecer, óbvia e queimadura solar, faça a pele parecer nova. Obtenha um tom de pele uniforme, minimize a rosácea, cicatrizes de acne, hiperpigmentação e outras vermelhidões, reduza as linhas finas e dilua as manchas da idade. Também ativa a produção de colágeno e reduz a acne.

Intervalo de tratamento

4 a 6 tratamentos, com 2 a 4 semanas de intervalo

Tempo de tratamento

20 a 30 minutos

Tempo de recuperação

O menor tempo de inatividade, um leve vermelho por até 48 horas


· Pele global radiante, mais saudável e mais energética

· Vermelhidão e vermelhidão causadas pela rosácea

· Gradualmente e naturalmente melhorar o tom da pele

· Reduzir linhas finas e tamanho dos poros

· Elimine e elimine a descoloração da pele, acne e cicatrizes de acne

· Reduzir a aparência de sardas e outros danos causados pelo sol

· Melhorar a auto-confiança e auto-estima

· Parece o melhor, sente o melhor

· Sem tempo de inatividade, pronto para enfrentar o mundo!

Qual área pode ser tratada?

Facial: rosácea e vermelhidão, tom de pele opaco e envelhecido, danos provocados pelo sol e pelo fumo, tom de pele irregular, linhas finas, poros dilatados, pigmentação
Pescoço: rugas e rugas, pigmentação, queimaduras solares, manchas do fígado e da idade, pele avermelhada
Décolletage: pele irregular tom, poros grandes, sardas e danos causados pelo sol e outros sinais de envelhecimento.
Tom de pele: cicatrizes de acne leve, linhas finas e capilares, rosácea, manchas de fígado e idade, manchas e outros desbotamento da pele
Mãos, braços e ombros: sardas e outros danos causados pelo sol, cicatrizes, manchas de fígado e idade e outros desbotamento da pele
Pernas: pigmentação , sardas e danos causados pelo sol, linhas finas e capilares e outros descoloração da pele
Olhos: linhas finas e rugas
Voltar: manchas de fígado e idade, sardas e outros danos causados pelo sol, tom de pele irregular

Estamos wuhan SKeily, especializada na produção de máquinas de beleza, com 15 anos de experiência, principalmente para IPL, laser, Hifu, RF, etc Se você está interessado em nós, espero que possamos cooperar uns com os outros!


 The people in the house are gone, quiet, no sound. The empty heart is like the space in this room, and the sound of the heart beating can be heard quietly. Sitting bored in front of the computer, his expression was dull, and his mind was full of indiscriminate thoughts. Picking up the old things in the past, quietly in the dream. The white hair in the mirror always tells that Huanhua has already passed away, leaving only the lingering memory that was still there yesterday, just remembering the long-lost past in the dream, thinking about the joy that once had. . The joy of childhood is the easiest. Maybe it is a delicious meal. Maybe it is wearing a new dress Cheap Newport Cigarettes Cartons Online. Maybe it��s a chance to win with a friend. The joy of a teenager is also very easy. Maybe it��s a spring breeze, maybe A drizzle, perhaps a white snow fluttering; the joy of youth is often obtained, perhaps because she has seen her long-awaited smile, perhaps she imagines that she has a bright future, and she may feel that she still has time. Realizing your own ideals now think about it, how can it be for those small things that can't get on the table, let them laugh forward and backward, sometimes they laugh at others, sometimes they will secretly laugh in their hearts, even laughing into their dreams. . My mother listened and always said, "How happy is this child, dreaming is laughing now, thinking about it, it is not something that is so happy. There are a lot of things to be happy now, but how can you not be happy? I still feel aggrieved in my heart. This unit has no more than myself Newport Short Cigarettes. Compared with other units, I always find a trouble higher than my own salary Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. The house has a mood and is still dull. I always feel that the area is not as good as Zhang��s. The decoration is not good. Li Jia is luxurious; the position has risen, but it is even more lost. He often sighs that he has been used by talents and dragons. The car has a lot of troubles. He always asks why other people��s cars are better than their own; Next, my heart is sour, thinking of lovers embracing, beautiful women around the mind and body, always those things that are swaying, lingering, the more they want to swear. Condensed only lost and helpless, You can only use the words of maturity and stability to cover up Newport 100S Carton Wholesale, but always get rid of the growing sense of loss. When you are young, your chest is beating passion, often looking for loneliness. At that time, loneliness is happiness, that is, "stealing." I have to live for half a day." Now, the chest is beating, the loneliness is cold, I just hope that I will meet every day, laughing and laughing. But laughing, gathering, often feel more lonely. I have to find the excitement, looking for Later, I felt that I was degraded, and my heart was not so pure. The result was that I was even more troubled. Nostalgia is a homework that adults often do. In fact, it is to look for the happiness that once was from loneliness and find the self that belongs to oneself. Picking up the hardships of others, others look at the false masks. But no one can do it until now Carton Of Marlboro Reds 100S. No one can take the mask, just paint it up, it looks true. Actually, it��s still fake. It��s far from imaginary. I don��t want to. I picked up a book from the table and looked at it. I felt like I��ve known each other. I really don��t know who copied it. Anyway, it��s out. It��s said that this is a certain celebrity, at best, it��s a small name. But it��s just a few times in the media, and I started to write books. I��m talking about my own sufferings, listening to people��s feelings that it��s too boring. Book, me No, but I don't see it, they can't control it. Let it go to the side and let it sleep. The classic book is just a few books, not the sages of the saints, too lazy to read it again. But talking to others At the time, it was always a mistake. It was not the wrong story, the characters were mixed. It was a bottle of dissatisfied water, and it was swaying on the street, and it was happy. Isn��t the street full of half-bottle water? Who is laughing? Who is it, nothing to worry about, and live happily. It is still cloudy in the morning, now it is blue sky. The weather is good, the mood is good. Only then find that life is still very cute, enjoy it slowly.
ylq Mar 30
Since graduation, I have been transferred to many cities. The experience of this road, the people I met, have become a story of my own. I often think that a city will meet the people who meet, and will set the love [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Wholesale Cigarette[/url], never The skeptical journey of life is so peaceful, this is the smooth path of fate. So, at one day's intersection, there is only one's own arrogant wind. A fork in a forkway, like the starlight mottle at night, the more chasing it will not stop. Yes! This journey is the end of the past and is the way to fate. The heart of the fork, like an empty house, took the key and opened the door, but there was no familiarity; the passing shadow was like a strange love poem, from the beginning to the end of the void parole. I stood in the air, smirking, this way of exhaustion, but what I was touched was only myself; this time, telling myself that I will not wait for the meteor in the old place, the wishes there are no longer the original expectations [url=www.vonderhain.com/marlboro]Cheap Marlboro 100 Cigarettes[/url]. Those who have been beautiful have long been a thing of the past. Everything is like listening to the wind. It doesn��t have to be filled with joy [url=www.cheapcigarettesfamily.com]Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale[/url]. It seems so pale and weak in the tempering. The years will not stop because of your pain, but it will be released because of you. Clouds are light and windy! Life is just an experience [url=www.usacigs365.com]Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes[/url]. Not all experiences can be written as a prelude. Not everyone will cover the wind and rain for you [url=www.100scigarettes.com]Carton Of Newports 100[/url]. This life is not all the pain will be bloody, complete The end is not to make myself a favorite of others. After all, begging for love is like an untouchable joke. No one can do anything to pretend to cover up the West Hill, laugh at the clouds, stand on the heights of the mountains and scream, let this cold cold shudder, put This staggered intersection fills in and buryes the dust in front of the scene... Give your heart a corner, stitch the past things into the wound, and wait quietly for the spring and autumn. Smile as usual! Hold the smiling seeds at the intersection and wait for the person with the pocket to take it away.
ylq Mar 30

Aqui estão algumas informações importantes sobre o pós-tratamento do tratamento a laser. Certifique-se de seguir as etapas recomendadas para obter os melhores resultados.

Tenha em mente que, como o processo de remoção de tatuagem a laser em si, o processo de cicatrização varia de pessoa para pessoa. No entanto, para a maioria das pessoas, esta área pode estar elevada, avermelhada e inchada após o tratamento com laser. Pode parecer uma queimadura de sol. A área afetada pode ter uma sensação de pulsação, como se a sua pele tivesse o seu próprio batimento cardíaco. A área ficará quente ou quente. Esses sentimentos são o efeito do laser e a reação natural do seu corpo a ele, indicando que o processo de decomposição da tinta na sua tatuagem começou.

Aqui estão alguns outros passos importantes que você deve tomar como parte dos cuidados de acompanhamento para laser tattoo removal  tratamento de :

1. Beba água o máximo possível depois de receber tratamento com laser.

Você pode tomar Advil conforme necessário, mas, por favor, não tome nenhuma aspirina.

3. Limpe a área com sabão antibacteriano 2-3 vezes ao dia e seque.

4. As bolhas são muito comuns após o tratamento com laser e são susceptíveis de ocorrer dentro de 8 a 72 horas. Use uma lanceta estéril para ejetar qualquer bolha. Quando as bolhas são ejetadas, um líquido amarelo claro ou vermelho é descarregado. Isto é normal. Após as bolhas serem ejetadas, aplique peróxido de hidrogênio na área afetada. Uma recarga típica de bolhas aparecerá depois de aparecer. Esteja preparado para repetir este processo conforme necessário. Além de bolhas, cicatrizes, crostas, hematomas e vermelhidão podem ocorrer. Essa é a parte normal do processo de cura.

5. Aplique óleo de coco na área 2-3 vezes ao dia. O óleo de coco é um antibacteriano natural que mantém a área hidratada e ajuda a cicatrizar.

6. Os primeiros 3 a 7 dias após o tratamento, a tatuagem foi enfaixada em movimento e no ambiente circundante. Mantenha a bandagem apenas durante o dia e deixe-a respirar durante a noite.

7. Após o tratamento com Q Switched Laser Tattoo Removal , é comum o sangramento preciso, que se refere a pequenos pontos de sangramento que se parecem com pontas de agulha. Este sangramento pode durar até 48 horas após o tratamento. Quando você tem sangramento claro, você pode esperar crosta.

8. Após a cicatriz com a pele, a pele na área tratada com laser pode ficar rosa ou pálida. Perda de pigmento natural pode ocorrer, mas na maioria dos casos é temporária. A cura geralmente ocorre dentro de 4 semanas, mas pode levar mais tempo.

9. É muito comum sentir coceira intensa após o tratamento. Cerca de 5-7 dias após o tratamento, a área de tratamento começou a cicatrizar. Vai começar a coçar e pode ficar com crosta. Neste momento, nenhuma bandagem é necessária. No entanto, o uso continuado de óleo de coco ajudará a coceira.

10. Para a primeira semana após o laser, evite expor a área tratada a laser a água extremamente quente ou fria, banheira de hidromassagem, sauna, sauna a vapor ou piscina. Esta exposição pode exacerbar a área ou causar infecção.

11. Após o exercício, você pode, mas por favor, ouça seu corpo. Não faça exercício se sentir qualquer dor ou desconforto incomum durante o exercício.

12. Você deve usar um protetor solar de óxido de zinco para proteger a área de tratamento do laser da luz solar. Não exponha a sua pele à luz solar durante 10 dias após o tratamento. Você tem que esperar até que a área esteja completamente curada. A exposição solar pode causar pigmentação alta / baixa e outras complicações. Se você estiver exposto a qualquer luz solar na área do laser, use um filtro solar de óxido de zinco.


The laser for pigmentation removal is based on a technologically advanced laser platform. It uses a well-known laser medium called the Q Switch ND YAG laser and is capable of treating a variety of brown and red skin discolourations. The Laser energy is highly selective to target melanin, the pigment that lies within the skin. The laser energy is delivered extremely rapidly, within one thousand-millionth of a second, to shatter the pigments. The wavelength of the laser can be adjusted to address freckles, sun spots, melasma, tattoos, pores, skin tone, fight acne, skin redness and rosacea. What Are Freckles? What do Hollywood celebrities such as Lucy Liu, Julianne Moore and Lindsay Lohan have in common? Freckles, lots of them! If you reside in a Sunny climate such as Singapore, California or the Maldives, expect to have lots of freckles especially if you do not sun-proof your skin. Freckles are multiple small brown pigmentations that are commonly found on the face, back and forearms. They are due to an increase in melanin in the skin cells and an increase in colour and number under increased sun exposure. While considered a benign condition, many individuals seek to have their freckles removed. The first step is the use of a regular sunblock to prevent more freckles from forming. Laser pigment removal is effective and can lead to an improvement in 1-2 sessions, however, freckles can recur if the skin is re-exposed to ultraviolet radiation. What Are Sun Spots? A sunspot (solar lentigo) is sometimes called a liver or Age spot, but it is a misnomer, as it has nothing to do with any liver disease, but gets more common as we age. It’s a completely benign condition, but can be cosmetically displeasing. Solar lentigines are common in fair-skinned individuals and occur on sun-exposed areas such as the face, back and forearms. They are larger in size compared to freckles, and appear as oval to round flat areas of pigmentation, and can increase in size, number and colour with age and sun exposure. As with freckles, sun protection is important. Lightening creams can improve the appearance of the solar lentigo to a certain extent. Laser pigmentation removal is effective and safe in all skin types. What Is Melasma? Melasma is a common skin pigmentation condition affecting many Asians. The appearance of Melasma can range from small-pigmented patches on the cheeks, to involving the forehead, nose, upper lips, and jaw line. Many factors contribute to Melasma. There may be a genetic susceptibility if there is a family history of Melasma. Melasma is commonly observed in the pregnant woman, and is coined the ‘Mask of Pregnancy’. Hormonal influence has an impact on Melasma, and women who are on hormonal treatments have a greater risk of Melasma. Sun exposure is another factor, as the ultraviolet rays can stimulate more melanin production. The treatment of Melasma remains challenging and is associated with a high recurrence rate. Treatment options include topical lightening agents, chemical peels and Laser treatments in refractory cases. Our Laser Pigmentation Removal Program can help melasma that is not responding to lightening products. What Is Hori's Nevus? Hori’s nevus, also known as Acquired Bilateral Naevus of Ota-Like Macules (ABNOM) is a condition seen almost exclusively in Asian Chinese skin type. It typically appears as bluish-grey flat hyperpigmentation on the cheeks but may involve the eyelids, forehead and nose as well. As the pigmentation in ABNOM is deeper into the skin, topical lightening creams are rarely effective to clear the pigmentation. The Laser Pigment Removal Program penetrates deeply into the skin effectively to manage this condition. Multiple laser sessions will give better results. What Is Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation? Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a fairly condition seen after an injury (e.g. burn) infection, or inflammation (e.g. Acne, Eczema) to the skin. It may even occur after laser treatment when the skin is very reactive. It can be temporary lasting a couple of months before it fades away or may become a permanent feature on your skin. All of these pigmentations can be treated by the Q switched Nd YAG laser or the picosure Nd YAG laser machine. The skeily company is a professional manufacture of laser beauty equipment. If you have any questions about the laser treatment or laser beauty machine, please feel free to contact us back. https://www.skeily.com
IPL (Strong Pulsed Light) est un large spectre de lumière destiné à une variété de traitements de la peau utilisés par les cosmétiques et les praticiens de la médecine à des fins esthétiques et thérapeutiques, notamment: Cheveux réduits, pigmentation, taches «de vieillissement», taches de rousseur, peau brûlée par le soleil, capillaires, rougeur excessive, rosacée, ridules, pores ouverts, texture améliorée de la peau et augmentation de la croissance du collagène. Notre Photo Facial est un soin de la peau qui utilise la puissance de la lumière IPL pour améliorer la santé et le teint de la peau. Qu'est-ce que IPL Phono-facial, comment ça marche? IPL photofacial machine est un soin de la peau avancé qui utilise la lumière IPL pour améliorer l’apparence de la peau. La peau doit être évaluée et nettoyée avant le début du traitement. Le gel conducteur est ensuite placé sur la peau et le chargement initial est pulsé dessus. La lumière absorbe des «structures» spécifiques de la peau, par exemple une pigmentation excessive ou des rougeurs. Puis modifiez ces structures cibles pour obtenir un écart graduel. Le résultat est un teint plus clair avec moins de pigmentation et de rougeurs. Que peut traiter le traitement phono-facial IPL? IPL Skin Regeneration machine traite diverses formes de pigmentation, notamment les taches de rousseur, les taches solaires, les taches de vieillesse et certaines taches de naissance. Bien que n'étant pas un traitement de première intention, certains acariens vont se dessécher et commencer à s'estomper après la photo du visage. Combien de traitements sont nécessaires? Habituellement, 3 à 6 cours par mois sont recommandés. Le nombre de traitements dont vous avez besoin dépend de votre type de peau et des objectifs que vous souhaitez atteindre. Chaque fois que vous traitez, vous constaterez une amélioration de votre peau. Douleur? Y a-t-il des temps morts? Le traitement peut entraîner une légère rougeur immédiatement après le traitement, qui disparaît généralement en un jour. La pigmentation peut commencer à s'assombrir et continuer à changer de couleur tout au long de la journée. Ensuite, il deviendra nettement plus sombre et formera une micropoche. Cette micro-croûte tombera naturellement dans les 7 à 10 jours, révélant un pigment plus uniforme. https://www.skeily.com
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