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When we are invited to a party or a social event, one of the first things that cross our mind as women is the eternal question of “oh-my-god-what-am-I-going-to-wear”, which, in this case, is synonymous to “oh-my-god-where-am-I-going-to-find-the-right-dress”. And only after you have found the Uggs On Sale right dress for the event, you start thinking about shoes, because, you know, that’s the easy part! Only after looking for hours for the perfect pair of shoes to match with your dress you realize that finding the right shoes is not so easy after all. But don’t you worry, we will be more than happy to guide you in your endeavors towards finding the perfect pair of shoes for your dress. You’re welcome!When we hear the phrase “sporty dresses”, Ugg Outlet our minds wander to tennis ones, but let’s not forget that the term also includes denim and knitted dresses, which sometimes are our first choice because they are rather comfortable to wear. If not long ago it was fashionable to wear these dresses with high heels, today designers urge us to pair them with sneakers. Combining a sporty dress with ballet flats, platform sandals or flat boots is also a good idea.Casual dresses are an important part of any woman’s Ugg Australia wardrobe because for all of us, it’s vital to feel comfortable and safe in our everyday clothes. This, however, does not mean that high heels are strictly prohibited. You are free to wear them given the fact that you feel confident and comfortable in high heels. If you are not a high heels person, for you there are wedges or platform shoes that will make you look (and feel!) taller, but not at the expense of the pain in your Ugg Store legs. Flat shoes, including moccasins, slippers and ankle boots will all accentuate your perfectly casual style.It is suggested pairing feminine dresses with shoes that do not look too festive. Rough boots are out of question and shiny shoes or sandals will make your dress appear more festive and try-too-hard, which leaves us with few choices, such as suede ankle boots or closed shoes with small heels.Just like the attire you wear at the offices, the shoes too must be rather Cheap Ugg Boots smart and strict, nothing too splashy or eye-catching (check out: Best Office Show for Women). Shoes with closed toes and heels no higher than 10 centimeters are the perfect fit.Depending on the dress you have chosen for the occasion, the shoes to go with it may http://www.uggsonsalebootsoem.com vary. If you have opted for an evening dress that shows lots of skin, it is usually recommended going for open sandals with straps. Wear either sandals with closed toes or pumps with dresses with round or V-shaped necklines. If you are wearing tights, make sure you wear shoes with closed toes.
How to Master Holiday Gift Buying, According to Rachel Zoe.When Rachel Zoe gives us gift-buying and trend advice, we're all ears. After all, she has impeccable taste and is credited with turning lots of actresses into style stars, so who better to take suggestions from?We recently caught up with the stylist and chatted about all things holiday, as well as her latest project: Ugg Boots styling Ugg's new campaign, which features the brand's newly redesigned boots. For the shoot, Zoe expertly styled Ugg's Classic Slim Collection, which features boots with a slimmer silhouette.Scroll down to read our chat with Rachel Zoe and see behind-the-scenes images of her on the set of the new Ugg campaign! Who What Wear: What are your recommendations for under-$50 gifts for the fashion girl?Rachel Zoe: Costume jewelry! I also think a candle goes a long way. Personally, I can never Ugg Sale have too many little makeup pouches also—they’re perfect for gifting.
How Taylor Swift Styles Ugg Boots on Vacation.It seems stars can't get enough of their Uggs this season—Kendall Jenner, anyone? Well, it appears Taylor Swift is the latest to step out in the boots. Taylor recently posted an Instagram snap of herself wearing classic Uggs, styled with equally comfy sweatpants and a sweatshirt, on vacation in New Zealand with her family. The caption? "Swift family road trip!"Keep scrolling to check Ugg Slippers out Taylor in her Uggs, and go a bit further to shop the style before it sells out this winter.What do you think of Taylor's Uggs? Will you buy a pair this season? Let us know in the comments below!How Kendall Jenner Styles Her Ugg Boots at Home.Kendall Jenner loves her new Ugg boots. She recently picked up the newest style in New York City, and it looks like she's kicking back in the pair at home in L.A. too Ugg Boots On Sale Over the weekend, Kendall posted this adorable snap of her wearing Uggs at home with the caption "UGG love." Such a cute shot—curled up in shorts and a tank.Keep scrolling to scope how Kendall styles her Ugg boots at home, and go a bit further to shop the boots for yourself.

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