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Dropshipping is a method in supply chain management. Retailers (that is, our buyers) do not need merchandise inventory. Instead, they give wholesalers the details of customer orders and shipments. The drop shipping providers, wholesalers, suppliers send the goods directly to the customer. Retailers earn the difference between wholesale and retail prices.

In layman's terms, that is: the seller does not pick up the goods. After the terminal buyer orders him, the seller immediately orders the supplier, wholesaler or providers and then they ship. The seller has a very small risk and a low cost. In Europe and the United States and other e-commerce, more developed countries are more common.

Currently, more than 30% of e-commerce companies use Dropshiping as their main inventory management method.

As a popular new approach to supply chain management, it is very important to find a good supplier. So this article, I will introduce from several aspects:

Part1 The importance of finding best dropship wholesale suppliers.

Part2 What does the good drop shipping suppliers look like?

Part3 How to find Drop Shipping Providers?

Part4 How to avoid the bad dropship suppliers

Part5 How to avoid the bad dropship suppliers?

The importance of finding best dropship wholesale suppliers.

To make your drop shipping business work better, you need to build partnerships with one or many suppliers, wholesalers, or manufacturers.

First, the supplier must provide any type of product you wish to sell. Second, they need to provide you with a reliable and consistent service. Finally, they need to provide you with the service of product packaging.

It is difficult to find an ecommerce drop shipping suppliers, you must work hard to study and select the best suppliers for your business. If you can't find a suitable supplier, it can easily ruin your business.

What does the good drop shipping providers look like?

A good supplier will provide you with more perfect and satisfactory services, and will supervise whether the customer's products are received on time, whether the package arrives, and what the customer's evaluation of the product is like.

Good suppliers should have:

Industry expertise.

There is special technical support.

Complete your order requirements quickly and quickly.

How to find Drop Shipping Providers?

There are many ways to find drop shipping suppliers, and here are the most common ones:

Search on the search engine. Like Google, Yahoo

Of course, this is the first method that we thought of when we were looking for something. Although it was not novel, it had some effect.

The simplest search method for finding wholesalers on search engines is: product name+ dropshippers.

Often the results you search out are millions, and you don't know if these sources are trustworthy. Therefore, you must pass a strict screening procedure.

Do not judge the quality of the supplier from outside the table. Some vendors' websites have pages that look boring, old, and look a little rough. Many good suppliers will focus on the optimization of products rather than websites, so don't give up just because the pages look bad.

Although it will take a lot of time, it is also a good idea to search Google for the information you are looking for.

Contact with ecommerce drop shipping suppliers directly:

This method is also one of the methods that most people will use because it is a very simple method. You only need to find out the contact information of a specific supplier. But its disadvantage is that you need to spend a lot of time looking up the supplier's qualifications, whether it is formal and legal.

Subscribe to the dropship supplier directory:

The dropship supplier directory site is a supplier's database through which you can find trusted suppliers. When they add each supplier, they will conduct a thorough investigation. Therefore, the suppliers found through this method are basically credible, and there is no problem.

Like salehoo, worldwide brands are well-known supplier catalog websites.

Benefits are:

Reduce risk - you will not be deceived by bad suppliers.

Simpler search - You can filter search results according to your needs.

More comprehensive - you can find thousands of suppliers on these websites, and there is always one for you.

Faster - Quickly find supplier's products and conpartact information.

Take full advantage of trade shows.

You can directly contact suppliers or manufacturers by participating in trade shows. This will not only save you time in looking up information, but also help you understand them through direct communication.

There are many resources on the internet. You can choose trade shows based on trade, date and location. For example, TSNN (Trade Show News Network.).

How to avoid the bad dropship suppliers?

As we said, more and more people are using dropshipping as a foundation for their business. So there would be people who would impersonate the suppliers of the dropshipping, and they would charge you a retail price not a wholesale price when you were buying the product.

So in order to avoid these situations, keep in mind that these may find a clue to the fake supplier:

They give you a discount and they have to pay a lump sum, if you choose to work with them for a long time.

2. The product is sold below cost price, and many suppliers pretend to be brand new with some refurbished products. This often happens in electronics.

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guo lulu

Starting a business is always a very though decision. Usually, there is too much to invest and very little to gain, at least in the short term. However, there are numerous advantages to start your own ecommerce. In this article we tell you more about how to start an ecommerce business and the special advantages ecommerce has against other type of businesses.

1. Low financial cost:

One of the dropshipping meaning biggest questions every entrepreneur asks himself is, how much money do I have to invest in my new business? Do I have to ask for a loan to start my ecommerce? However, starting an ecommerce business can be done from 0$ a month. How is this possible?

Internet has thousands of free tools for you to use. For example, you may want to start an online store under one of the many platforms there is on the internet, from Shopify to Wish. As for the product acquisition and deliveries, you can start drop shipping with zero risk. By using these two methods, you would not have to spend a single dollar to have your store up and running.

However, it is clear that investing a little money on your business will give you advantages against other online stores. For example, you may want to start your own online store under a new domain, say, yourstore.com. In any case, domain and hosting are not expensive investments and you can get them from 50$ a year, both!

2. Passive earnings all day

Once you have set up your online store, it will be opened and available 24/7. This means you will have potential customers and clients even when you are not working. Your online store will be independent and you will be able to make earning passively all day, even if you are on holidays.

However, you also must understand that customer service is one of the key points of the success of any ecommerce. This is particularly important if you decide to operate in different markets from different countries, where time zone is different. If there is some problem with your website or the orders, customers will be very angry if they don’t get a quick response from customer service.


3. Sell internationally

Selling on the internet is selling without geographical boundaries. Setting your online store will let you reach to any customer from around the globe. The possibilities of your store are infinite! You will be able to reach up to billions of people at the same time.

Nevertheless, localization should be taken into account when dealing with more than one market. Localization means to adapt the content, language and products to a certain market. If you want to sell on Spanish markets, it is clear you will have to translate your website and your product descriptions. Also, if you want your website to be more successful in different markets, you should plan national strategies (or promotions) aimed to each country or market.

4. Completely different user experience

Shopping online is very different from traditional shopping. First, because there is nobody controlling our movements or decisions. There are no negotiators or sellers trying to get our money. Secondly, because we do not get hands on the product until we buy it, so the decision is mainly based on user experience and sensorial impressions.

When you start designing your online store, you have to take into account the user experience factor. Make sure loading times are short and all the information is well connected. Place related links and try to guide your users through your store. Also, make sure the description and written content of your website has no grammar mistakes or inconsistencies.

5. Become your own boss

If you are tired of dealing with bossy attitudes, dozens of working hours and toxic working environments, starting your own ecommerce is the right choice for you. Online store owners are their only bosses and they get to make every decision. Set your own working time, decide your holidays and reward yourself freely.


6. Few and affordable employees

One of the benefits of ecommerce is that hiring personnel is low-priced. You can pick to outsource work to countries wherein the fee of residing is a lot less. You’ll need fewer personnel in an ecommerce enterprise than a retail place. A huge benefit of the ecommerce is you don’t have to hire personnel at the beginning. You can start and run an ecommerce business all by yourself whilst starting out.

7. Grow organically

With ecommerce, you can grow organic site visitors and income with a blog. From making motion pictures to writing weblog content material, you’ll be capable of optimize your shop to power to increase your visitors and income without having to spend extra money. By writing your own content, you will be able to reach high quality visitors that may potentially become your clients.

See More: https://www.chinabrands.com/category/dropship-clothing-accessories-c-14.html

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Yasmin Sims

Wide-legged pants exist to satisfy the needs of pear shape dress show thin, loose trousers without constriction, action more comfortable, strong tannin fabrics under this version also change hale temperament, it will be mainly to the charming is spruce.

1. The grinding white treatment of the wide-leg pants is exquisite, the upper body has a strong sense of stereoscopic vision, and the effect of slimming is obvious. High-waisted design elongates the leg line and creates a good ratio of short legs.

02 jeans are washed and whitened to make the old effect slightly retro. Jeans are elastic waist design, but the elastic band is only fixed at the back of the waist, revealing the waist is also generous and decent. The buttock side has pentagonal pocket adornment, make the buttock type looks plump and round.

03 baggy leg opens vented design, adornment bowknot adorns double add melting. The nine-point length of the ankle, because the leg is large enough, even if the ankle is a bit small and strong enough to look slim enough.

The waistband and legs are designed to be furred, and the waistband is more chic than the waistband. The nine-point length is matched with a high-waisted treatment, and the shorter one can also wear a long leg ratio.

The trousers of 05 jeans are designed with a flanged edge, and it is deliberately left with a trace, which is reminiscent of the OLD SCHOOL in the 1990s. The front side of the trousers is pleated, and besides making it more upright, it can also make it stronger.

The jeans are equipped with the same fabric belt, and they fall down more smartly. Pant leg hair treatment, fashion online, matching the heel of muller's shoes, can make the calf look more slender.

At the bottom of the pant cuffs, the inner edge of the hem is designed. You can also walk effortlessly with a casual, T-shirt + shirt.

08 jeans have a slight flexibility, fit the hip type, and don't feel tight when sitting. Loose nine-point wide-leg pants with parallel leg pockets that look slimmer.

The girl with slim leg line can choose 7 minutes length wide leg pants directly, more relaxed than 9 minutes length. The wool margin of the bottom of the trousers is more reserved, the edge trim is more clever.

10 trousers whole style low-key nostalgic, broad leg modelling is unrestrained and unrestrained temperament. The legs are long and the hobbits are suitable for wearing high heels. They are comfortable and unfettered good companions when they go shopping.Read more at:http://www.kissydress.co.uk | maroon prom dresses uk

Yasmin Sims May 18 '18 · Tags: fashion
Apple iPhone 7 Plus With FaceTime Best DealEquipped with a host of advanced technologies, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus With FaceTime is all set to deliver a power packed performance. It conceals some seriously powerful hardware underneath its slim 7.3mm body. The phone sports a jet black finish that was achieved through a nine step process of anodization and polishing. Plus, its body has been reengineered to an extent where it resists water and dust, giving you a device fit for a frenetic lifestyle. Apple has also puts a lot of effort into giving you a Home button with a new Taptic Engine for a precise tactile feedback and a highly advanced fingerprint sensor that is fast as ever. This iPhone runs on the iOS 10 operating system, which is a forerunner in itself. At its heart, is an A10 Fusion chip that handles all your applications and commands with ease. What’s unique about the iPhone 7 Plus, is its rear 12MP dual system camera that provides higher quality zoom and a breakthrough ISP technology. In addition, this iPhone includes two stereo speakers instead of one for a richer audio performance Available in a jet black finish and with 128GB of internal storage, the iPhone 7 Plus is a worthy contender in the market today.
Marie Prom

Two hours south of Berlin, in the colorless fields of Wolfen, H&M operates a massive textile sorting and recycling facility, one that might prove to be the unlikely looking future and redeemer of fast fashion. Around 25 to 30 trucks a day drop off an average of 14 metric tons of unwanted remainders from Europe’s closets, gathered from recycling bins at H&M’s thousands of locations on the continent. In Wolfen, this detritus of seasons past is industriously sorted for reuse, resale, and recycling, a relatively new trinity for the mass-produced clothing industry.

pics:orange prom dresses

With 4,200 stores around the world, H&M is the second-largest clothing retailer in the world (after Spain’s Inditex, which has 7,000). Its 2016 revenue is in the neighborhood of $20 billion. It takes a lot of $50 blazers and $10 T-shirts to get to that number, and the company tends to be the prime example of fast-fashion feeding unsustainable consumer habits and environmental damage. And while it clearly has no plans of stopping (the company's growth target is to increase stores by 10 to 15% annually) it's also investing heavily in fabric recycling innovations, in the hopes that it can continue to grow while creating a closed-loop system, where most (if not all) of the raw materials for its clothes come from fibers that were already used.

A main feature of this plan is a partnership with a solutions provider called I:CO, which oversees this 13-football-field sized plant, which was opened by their parent company, SOEX, in 1998. (SOEX is a German textile collection and recycling group; I:CO is one of their subsidiaries.) Since 2009, I:CO, which is short for I:Collect, has run the Wolfen plant and since 2013, when H&M began garment collecting, everything left in their European stores has been trucked here. I:CO manages H&M’s in-store cast-off collecting all over the world, and runs two similar facilities—in the U.S. and India—for making zero-waste use of clothes, shoes, and textiles that would otherwise likely end up in landfills.

"For us, the way forward is to create a closed loop for textiles where clothes that are no longer wanted can be turned into new ones, and we don’t see old textiles as waste, but rather a resource," says Cecilia Brännsten, H&M’s sustainable business expert. The company first began to explore aspects of sustainability with the introduction of some organic cotton back in 2005, but the notion of circular production within their supply chain has really taken off just over the past few years, beginning with the 2013 launch of their in-store garment collecting initiative (you can now leave old textiles at any H&M store in the world).

But keeping clothes out of landfills, while laudable, is more of a first step on the way to the main goal, which is changing the company's supply chain to a so-called closed loop, thus making far more use of non-virgin fibers (as in, fibers that come from already-worn garments). The H&M Foundation is in the midst of a four-year partnership with The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA), and has committed $5.8 million to develop the technology to recycle blended textiles into fabrics fit for new clothing. Fibers like cotton-poly are currently un-recyclable into wearable new material, a major obstacle to scaling up the company’s fiber-to-fiber recycling operation and closing that part of the production loop.

I:CO doesn’t know the exact amount of cotton-poly it collects, but the amount of blended textiles it has been receiving has been on the rise, so finding a way to recycle these into fiber that can be used for new clothing is a problem that needs to be addressed. In 2015, the company joined forces with luxury group Kering to partner with Worn Again, a UK-based textile research firm. Worn Again is trying to address problems like the shortening of natural fibers, which occurs when fabric is re-spun. Right now, when clothes you buy are marked "recycled," that’s only 20% true. The rest is virgin fiber, which has to be combined with the recycled stuff to make a wearable textile. This is the problem that the scientists at HKRITA are trying to solve.

Both in speaking to its executives and in its exhaustive, public annual sustainability reports, H&M remains committed to finding a way to make all kinds of fiber-to-fiber recycling a major part of their closed loop materials, even if there is no target date yet in sight. In the meantime, at least, the company has produced 1.3 million garments with closed loop material in 2015 (it's one of the biggest users of recycled polyester and organic cotton in the world) and H&M seems well aware that a future blended textile recycling capability is a key way to decouple their growth from new materials. "There’s resource scarcity on one hand, and we have huge waste on the other," says Brännsten.

The multiple tons sorted in Wolfen on any given day are still minor compared to the 85% of discarded clothes that sent to landfills (the rest are donated), yet the operation requires seven hundred employees, most of whom work in the 24-hours-a-day business of sorting. I:CO says that salaries start above the German minimum wage, which is 8.50 euros an hour. They’re also offered health benefits on top of normal health insurance, like free physiotherapist visits in Wolfen, likely useful given that each person sifts through more than 6,000 pounds of clothing per eight-hour shift.

The sorting process is based on 350 different criteria which determine whether your old jeans will be re-sold, partly re-used (zippers are handy that way), or fully recycled. Nothing that is fit for reuse, Brännsten stressed, would be recycled. Reuse extends an item’s lifespan, thereby lengthening the time it takes to go around H&M’s circular production loop.

But everything in Wolfen is used, in one way or another. The most worn-out cotton items head to a shredder, where they are gradually broken down and repackaged into inviting bales of fluff, and become wipes and cleaning cloths. The absurd amount of dust produced by the sorting, shredding, and baling is sucked up into brickettes and sold to the paper industry. The reusable clothes—and about 60% of what ends up in Wolfen is still wearable—are sorted by type, fabric, color and quality, packed in 130 to 175 pound bales, and shipped to any of 90 countries (predominantly in Eastern Europe and Africa) for re-sale in used clothing stores.

Customers who drop off clothes receive incentives, in the form of discounts or vouchers per bag of clothing. The idea is to make it as compelling as possible to get rid of clothing that would otherwise be trashed, and the incentives vary by H&M brand and home country regulations. In the U.S., a bag with at least three items (from any brand, and this can include stuff like old sheets) nets you a 15% discount coupon at H&M, while the same bag at the more upscale & Other Stories is rewarded with 10% off. Meanwhile, the proceeds from used clothing re-sale do not feed the company’s bottom line, but are donated to local charities and the H&M Foundation, which splits the funds between social and recycling projects, including the HKRITA partnership.

At the stores themselves, the Conscious Exclusive collection gives organic and partially-recycled clothing a fancier vibe, while the affordable Conscious line might be in your closet already. Close the Loop, an understated recycled denim and knit line for men and women debuted earlier this fall, and is made with 20% post-consumer cotton and wool from I:CO’s India plant. The company uses about 20% sustainable materials overall—using organic cottons, linens, and leathers, recycled polyamides and polyesters, and now, recycled cotton and wool.

So far, the company has collected about 34,000 tons of waste, or the weight of 178 million t-shirts, according to Anna Gedda, H&M’s head of sustainability. Of course, the equivalent of 178 million t-shirts over three years sounds less impressive next to the 550 to 600 million garments the company produces annually (this is based on outside estimates; H&M does not release production numbers). Its sheer size means "we will get criticized," Brännsten says, throughout their ongoing move toward fuller sustainability.

And certainly, the criticism the company receives for its unsustainable production pales in comparison to its issues with garment production and worker protections. While H&M has publicly committed to fair living wages and working hours for its garment workers, human rights activists on the ground tell a different story. The Clean Clothes Campaign reported last spring that Bangladesh factories who work with H&M were behind schedule on badly-needed improvements (like fire doors) and vendors in Cambodia and India were coercing pregnant employees to get abortions, lest they instead be fired. Any advances the company makes in terms of recycling science certainly must be balanced with a continued push toward worker rights and worker safety, or the quest for sustainability in its supply chain will be meaningless.

Ultimately, the company "need[s] to ask I:CO, instead of the cotton field," for new material, says Brännsten, noting that one effect of the company’s size is the potential of its influence over supply chains. In Wolfen, the U.S., and the India, already zero-waste facilities, the goal is to move away from down-cycling (the paper brickettes, wipes, cleaning cloths), maximize fiber-to-fiber recycling, and source all cotton sustainably by 2020. Developing cotton-poly recycling will likely speed up if and when H&M’s competitors get on board, too, Brännsten conceded. "It will not be called ‘recycled’ in the future," she says, "because that’s the polyester that you get." Walking through Wolfen, under hundreds of suspended sacks of discarded clothing, it’s believable that they are on their way. Now, for its efforts to outstrip the criticism of its business, what it needs most is a hard and fast timeline for that circular future

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Marie Prom

Britain's Got Talent judge, and mother of one, Alesha Dixon has collaborated withLittleBlackDress.co.uk for a 14 piece collection.

It features glamorous mermaid prom dresses, culottes and sexy party wear perfect for all the Christmas events you'll be attending soon.

The 38-year-old star rose to fame in the noughties with girl band Mis-Teeq and since then has gone on to have a successful career in TV.

Prices for each item range from £65 - £179 and £1 from every dress sold will be donated to the charity Refuge.

Alesha sizzles in this slinky lace slip number , which has a cowl neckline and a thigh-skimming split at the front.

The simple yet sultry number is perfect for an evening out - it has a strap harness detailing that accentuates the bust.

The star says: "A leather jacket adds an edgy touch, I'd finish this look with a dark lip and strappy heels."

The velvet tux dress is tailored for a figure-hugging fit, cinching the waist in with gold buttoned detailing.

You can pre-order the dress now and it will be available to buy on the website from Wednesday, October 19.

It is also available in black - pair with metallic or nude accessories and a dark lip for an on-trend A/W look.

If you're looking for a stunning dress for those glam parties this floral prom dress could be the perfect pick.

It has silver floral embroidery over luxurious sheer fabric for a playful look.

Alesha says: "Glam up your look with metallic accessories and a soft smokey eye."

Turn heads in the gold wrap dress which is perfect for making a statement.

It is made from glossy fabric that oozes sultry elegance and the slinky wrap design is flattering for all body shapes.

The dress is also available in a blush colour.

Bold, unique and guaranteed to wow, this strapless gown is made for those glamorous evening events where you want to make a show-stopping entrance.

Alesha says: "Keep accessories simple to really let this red prom dress speak for you.

"Gold accents will add an effortlessly luxe touch and a pair of strappy heels will lengthen those gorgeous legs."

Marie Prom

The outsiders took over Band of Outsiders.On Saturday night, the reanimated American label presented the first collection designed by its new, creative team in Antwerp, Belgium: Niklaus Hodel, Matthias Weber and Florian Feder, who, between them have worked for Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton and H&M.For a decade, Band of Outsiders was the perennially buzzy highlight of American fashion (and, often, of New York Fashion Week). The brainchild of Scott Sternberg, a onetime Hollywood agent with no design training but a genius for marketing, Band was a spunky American innovation story: Man narrows ties (Band helped spur the skinny-tie boom), man shrinks shirts (Band’s sizes were famously miniature, a fact celebrated by some and lamented by others), man conscripts hip celebrity friends to help promote it (Michelle Williams, Jason Schwartzman, Kirsten Dunst), man sweeps the industry. (Mr. Sternberg won a Council of Fashion Designers of America’s men’s wear Designer of the Year award in 2009.)And then, with little warning, Band was gone. Mr

. Sternberg announced, cryptically, in June 2015 that he would be leaving the label he founded. Much of its staff had been laid off, and its fall 2015 collection would not be produced. He has said nothing more about the departure, then or since.Band of Outsiders accepted investment, reported to be $2 million, from a fashion fund, CLCC S.A., which had taken stakes in labels like Christian Wijnants and A.F. Vandevorst. It defaulted on its obligations, and CLCC, founded by the Belgian shipping magnate Christian Cigrang, took control. After a public auction of the Band of Outsiders assets and intellectual property in July 2015 that netted no high bidders, CLCC retained the label, an outcome that Antony Verbaeys, the fund’s managing director, told the Business of Fashion website was “always our intention.”

Now, 14 months later, Band of Outsiders is back, with a new design team at the helm.Asked how they came to Band of Outsiders, Mr. Weber said, “They begged us to do it.”Mr. Feder, 34; Mr. Hodel, 32; and Mr. Weber, 34, are also partners in a footwear company, WHF (WeberHodelFeder), for which CLCC S.A. is an investor.The Antwerp, Belgium, provenance of its new designers aside (the three met at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts there), Band of Outsiders has doubled down on its California identity, adding “Los Angeles” to the label’s name.Photo

marieprom prom dresses

photos:plus size prom dresses uk

Band of Outsiders spring 2017 collection. CreditNowfashion“L.A. is everywhere,” Mr. Hodel said. “It’s not just if you’re in L.A.”They made several trips to the city while planning and designing the collection, and spoke of the diversity of its neighborhoods and milieus. If Mr. Sternberg’s Band of Outsiders had been Chateau Marmont, Mr. Hodel said, theirs would be the side streets of Venice.In many ways, the three are in an unenviable position: arrivistes tasked with rebooting a label that was generally well-liked, whose need for change was financial more than aesthetic. But they made clear that their mandate was not to simply revive Band of Outsiders as Mr. Sternberg had left it.

“I don’t know if there is any vision of continuity,” Mr. Hodel said. “It’s a brand that stopped. It’s not that we were tapped to take over a heritage [label] like Dior or Chanel.”The new Band is not the old. It is a slouchier take on what the label once was, still with a mix of tailoring and American sportswear, but with more cross-pollination between the two. Mr. Hodel called out Japanese wool trackpants shown with a double-breasted jacket as a key look. Where Mr. Sternberg’s jackets were snug, the new Band’s version hung loose.“None of the cropped and shrunken fit is left, actually,” Mr. Hodel said. “That’s something we really wanted to change.”They have also brought down the prices. That will be good news to some (under Mr. Sternberg, Band’s prices were firmly, and to some unreasonably or unreachably, in the designer-fashion bracket) but the construction and materials look poorer than they once did

.What’s more, many labels now compete in the rejiggered preppy idiom Mr. Sternberg favored, as well as the more streetwear-inflected one dearer to Mr. Feder, Mr. Hodel and Mr. Weber. Mr. Sternberg had tended Band’s image with a nearly fetishistic specificity, with a cinematographer’s eye to every detail, not only of the clothing itself, but each aspect of its communication. (Its famous guerrilla Polaroid ad campaigns, shot by and starring Mr. Sternberg’s celebrity friends, essentially functioned as frames in an ongoing independent film he was directing.) The new Band, so far, is vague.It may take time for the label’s supporters to acclimate to this new version, whatever its merits, given that Mr. Sternberg’s version is still a recent memory.“I kept waiting for the fabrications and the colors of Scott’s Band to come,” said Eric Jennings, the vice president and fashion director for men’s wear at Saks Fifth Avenue, which stocked the label. “They never arrived.”

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Marie Prom Sep 12 '16 · Tags: fashion, marieprom
Marie Prom

Giuliana Rancic, Brad Goreski, Melissa Rivers as well as 2016 special co-hosts NeNe Leakesand Margaret Cho are back to take on all of the fashion from Sunday's 2016 MTV Video Music Awards with special celeb co-host JoJo!

On tonight's Fashion Police MTV VMA special, the co-hosts discuss the most talked about outfits from the show, including Beyoncé's Francesco Scognamiglio red carpet prom dresses. The sheer dress left little to the imagination and Margaret notes that it even showed a "hint of vagina."


While the co-hosts agree that the beading and the color of the dress are both beautiful, Melissa thinks that it could've used an extra "piece of lining."

Melissa then also adds that it looks like Beyoncé's Lorraine Schwartz jewels are covered up in "Muppet fur."

But even with a little lining issue, the co-hosts can agree that Beyoncé definitely brought "a look" to the carpet and has everyone talking!

In the video above, Brad also talks about Ariana Grande's recent "style makeover."

"She's having a full style makeover and she's rocking the ruffle trend, she's rocking the choker," Brad explains.

He then tells Ariana, "I'm so into you."

So what did the co-hosts think about the other red carpet looks from Sunday's show?

Watch the videos above to see a sneak peek of tonight's show and then watch the Fashion Police MTV VMA special tonight at 8 p.m., only on E! to find out who the co-hosts voted best uk prom dresses!

susan sin

In the wake of London and Milan, Paris presents from today until Sunday its proposals for menswear for spring-summer 2017 season Fashion Week for Men, which will be marked by the first parade Mens Balenciaga and the absence of heavyweights such as Raf Simons and Saint Laurent.

For historical maison created by the Spanish couturier Cristobal Balenciaga in 1917, it is the first fashion show menswear, where the talent of the recently appointed artistic director, Demna Gvasalia be appreciated.

The creator of Georgian origin, took over the firm in October 2015, following the departure of Alexander Wang New York, and presented his first collection for the brand last March.(simple formal dresses)

Gvasalia is a new promise of the fashion world who gained fame for his involvement -in a first anonymously Vêtements time signature, much appreciated by singers like Kanye West and Rihanna or Ferragni blogger Chiara, who have worn their silhouettes roomy and sporting decorated with symbols of popular culture today.

This time, his followers and lovers of exclusivity will be in a new bet the house that, if you give so much to talk as did the Georgian designer, could be the beginning of a new era for Balenciaga.

Semana de la Moda de París

The company will debut Vêtements in fact Haute Couture during the first days of July in a highly anticipated appointment.

While some arrive, other common talents of Paris have preferred to stay on the sidelines in this meeting, as the Belgian Raf Simons, after ending his contract with Dior in October to focus precisely on its own brand, he decided to show his collection in the Pitti Uomo in Florence on 16 June.

Saint Laurent's motives for not participating have more to do with the hasty entrance of the new artistic director, Anthony Vaccarello, replacing the controversial since April Hedi Slimane.

Vaccarello, which has its own signature feminine designs and also parading in Paris, has preferred to postpone their first show for the iconic brand created by Yves Saint Laurent in the 60s to the Fashion Week October.

As stated in the wings, renew or die is the watchword of this multifaceted world and we must make room for new creators.

On this occasion, come from today at the Paris catwalk Japanese Hiromichi Ochiai with Facetasm and the Chinese designer Sean Suen, next to the Pigalle firm hand Stéphane Ashpool and American Virgil Abloh, counselor fashion Kanye West, premiering with your brand Off White.

The first day of this week will also bring new creations Barnabé Hardy for Carven, which until now had their men's collections in discrete presentations within their offices around the emblematic Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris.

Formed by the designer Nicolas Ghesquière while he was still in front of Balenciaga, Hardy was named creative director of Carven in March with the order to maintain the essence of the brand in comfortable and classic pieces that will establish its identity, as prints with optical illusions.(http://www.dressesmallau.co/school-formal-dresses-c409/)

Dior Homme, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Balmain, Kenzo and other great classics of French male universe presented as usual their designs without announced in the game of thrones that has shaken in recent years the scene of creators of major brands alterations deluxe.

susan sin Jun 23 '16 · Tags: clothes, fashion
susan sin

For the first time after many years of Mir Castle took so Noble. If France still had a monarchy - Tania de Bourbon Parma would be a queen, and now she's princess status. One of its missions - to support cultural and charitable initiatives. So when an old friend of the fashion designer Denis Durand invited her to visit Belarus, she gladly agreed.

As we mentioned, the couturier Denis Durand two years ago brought their dresses to the Belarusian actress grazed them on the red carpet "Listapad". But on this visit he brought a new collection of dresses that sewed specially for the Cannes festival.

Tania de Bourbon Parma came to Belarus with her husband, and frankly admitted that before this almost did not know about our country. However, it turned out that the princess has common roots not only to the Romanov dynasty (her Russian Tanya - it is a tribute to this kinship), but also with our magnates Radziwill.(dresses for wedding)

54-летняя принцесса призналась, что Радзивиллам она родственница. Фото: ПОЛЕЩУК Юлия

- Granddaughter of George I of the Greek name is Tatiana Radziwill, and this is my aunt. I am very proud kinship with Radziwill. So when Denis Durand invited me to the opening of the exhibition was in the Mir Castle, which, as I know, was virtually destroyed and restored not too long ago, I realized that I should have to go, - said the princess.

Tania de Bourbon was surprised by their openness, smiling, and if someone were stereotypes that representatives of royal blood prim and haughty - completely dispelled them. She happily talked with the visitors of the exhibition and easily photographed with everyone.

- Current aristocrats different from previous, - she said in response to our compliment. - We work, we live in a normal society and communicate with people of any classes. I do not feel any special responsibility to the ancestors, although I am a cousin of almost all the European kings. As for the experience of Belarus - they are connected with the most sincere reception that I have. We need to cooperate more! I would very much like to have my visit strengthened ties France and Belarus. but emotions from your country, I want to take with black bread - I really liked it. And I already think about how to visit your country again - Princess admitted.

Intrigue of the exhibition was that for dresses accessories - namely handbags - fashion designer has created a Belarusian Chechen origin Apti Eziev. In addition, one of the dresses in white designer Denis Durand sewed fabric of Belarus.

Фото: ПОЛЕЩУК Юлия

- What a pity that I was already married! We are pleased to put this dress on her wedding, - confessed Oksana Vinogradova, director of brand heartiness, who created this fabric.(http://www.dressesmallau.co/formal-dresses-adelaide-c327/)

What the ambassador of Belarus to France Pavel Latushko, who came specially for the opening of the exhibition in the world, said:

- Very symbolic that the exhibition is held in the castle, which belonged to Radziwills. Everyone knows that in Paris there is a street Radziwill. It Radziwill in the XVIII century French choreographers invited to the first - so appeared the Belarusian ballet. Thanks to the Belarusian ballet famous Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Warsaw ballet was created. All this shows that Belarus cooperates with France for centuries in the area of ​​culture. And it's very nice that the tradition continues. I am very grateful to the distinguished guest that she visited Belarus. As far as the wedding dress, I'll tell you: the one who married three times - a coward and alarmist - joked Latushko.

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