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The laser for pigmentation removal is based on a technologically advanced laser platform. It uses a well-known laser medium called the Q Switch ND YAG laser and is capable of treating a variety of brown and red skin discolourations. The Laser energy is highly selective to target melanin, the pigment that lies within the skin. The laser energy is delivered extremely rapidly, within one thousand-millionth of a second, to shatter the pigments. The wavelength of the laser can be adjusted to address freckles, sun spots, melasma, tattoos, pores, skin tone, fight acne, skin redness and rosacea. What Are Freckles? What do Hollywood celebrities such as Lucy Liu, Julianne Moore and Lindsay Lohan have in common? Freckles, lots of them! If you reside in a Sunny climate such as Singapore, California or the Maldives, expect to have lots of freckles especially if you do not sun-proof your skin. Freckles are multiple small brown pigmentations that are commonly found on the face, back and forearms. They are due to an increase in melanin in the skin cells and an increase in colour and number under increased sun exposure. While considered a benign condition, many individuals seek to have their freckles removed. The first step is the use of a regular sunblock to prevent more freckles from forming. Laser pigment removal is effective and can lead to an improvement in 1-2 sessions, however, freckles can recur if the skin is re-exposed to ultraviolet radiation. What Are Sun Spots? A sunspot (solar lentigo) is sometimes called a liver or Age spot, but it is a misnomer, as it has nothing to do with any liver disease, but gets more common as we age. It’s a completely benign condition, but can be cosmetically displeasing. Solar lentigines are common in fair-skinned individuals and occur on sun-exposed areas such as the face, back and forearms. They are larger in size compared to freckles, and appear as oval to round flat areas of pigmentation, and can increase in size, number and colour with age and sun exposure. As with freckles, sun protection is important. Lightening creams can improve the appearance of the solar lentigo to a certain extent. Laser pigmentation removal is effective and safe in all skin types. What Is Melasma? Melasma is a common skin pigmentation condition affecting many Asians. The appearance of Melasma can range from small-pigmented patches on the cheeks, to involving the forehead, nose, upper lips, and jaw line. Many factors contribute to Melasma. There may be a genetic susceptibility if there is a family history of Melasma. Melasma is commonly observed in the pregnant woman, and is coined the ‘Mask of Pregnancy’. Hormonal influence has an impact on Melasma, and women who are on hormonal treatments have a greater risk of Melasma. Sun exposure is another factor, as the ultraviolet rays can stimulate more melanin production. The treatment of Melasma remains challenging and is associated with a high recurrence rate. Treatment options include topical lightening agents, chemical peels and Laser treatments in refractory cases. Our Laser Pigmentation Removal Program can help melasma that is not responding to lightening products. What Is Hori's Nevus? Hori’s nevus, also known as Acquired Bilateral Naevus of Ota-Like Macules (ABNOM) is a condition seen almost exclusively in Asian Chinese skin type. It typically appears as bluish-grey flat hyperpigmentation on the cheeks but may involve the eyelids, forehead and nose as well. As the pigmentation in ABNOM is deeper into the skin, topical lightening creams are rarely effective to clear the pigmentation. The Laser Pigment Removal Program penetrates deeply into the skin effectively to manage this condition. Multiple laser sessions will give better results. What Is Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation? Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a fairly condition seen after an injury (e.g. burn) infection, or inflammation (e.g. Acne, Eczema) to the skin. It may even occur after laser treatment when the skin is very reactive. It can be temporary lasting a couple of months before it fades away or may become a permanent feature on your skin. All of these pigmentations can be treated by the Q switched Nd YAG laser or the picosure Nd YAG laser machine. The skeily company is a professional manufacture of laser beauty equipment. If you have any questions about the laser treatment or laser beauty machine, please feel free to contact us back. https://www.skeily.com
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