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Marie Prom

Callous internet trolls ridiculed a transgender woman after she posted images of herself wearing a prom dress for sale.

Kimberly Foster has been referred as "that" and "a man in a cheap prom dresses" several times since posting the sale on Facebook page Bargains R Us Glasgow.

Kimberly posted two photographs wearing the size 12-14 dress with a fluffy cream jacket over the top.

Almost immediately, she was inundated with offensive comments ridiculing her on her appearance and questioning what sex she is.

But brave Kimberley has responded to the taunts by putting up for sale and modeling a further three dresses, reports the Daily Record.

Kimberley, from Glasgow , went online to sell her £15 prom dress on Tuesday and within hours was being ridiculed.

David Black wrote: "Is that a guy's dress?", later adding: "How does that song go by Shania Twain?"

marieprom evening dresses

Kimberly posted two photographs wearing the size 12-14 dress

After one user responded "Man I Feel Like a Woman", he said: "That's the one."

Audrey Richardson wrote: "Is that a man if so he's stunning."

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Karen Forsyth said: "Is it a guy in a dress?", before Audrey responded: "I got my head bit off for asking."

Laurraine Mclafferty also weighed into the comments writing: "No wonder. Have you ever known a woman with an Adam's apple. You just had to ask. Howling."

But women praised Kimberly for sharing the photos and commented on how good she looks.

Nicole Kelly wrote: "Wish I looked that good in a dress."

Kimberly Foster

Women praised Kimberly for sharing the photos and commented on how good she looks

Alison Devenay said: "I think it's absolutely shocking the comments I'm reading. You should all be ashamed of your self.

"The dress is lovely Kimberly."

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And Lorraine Newlands wrote: "I think he looks stunning and well done for the pic, takes a lot of courage."

Ignoring the negative comments, a defiant Kimberly posted three images this morning wearing another three dresses - including a white wedding prom dresses cheap.

She has so far kept a dignified silence and not responded to any of the messages.

Marie Prom Sep 9 '16 · Tags: dress, marieprom, women
susan sin

For the first time after many years of Mir Castle took so Noble. If France still had a monarchy - Tania de Bourbon Parma would be a queen, and now she's princess status. One of its missions - to support cultural and charitable initiatives. So when an old friend of the fashion designer Denis Durand invited her to visit Belarus, she gladly agreed.

As we mentioned, the couturier Denis Durand two years ago brought their dresses to the Belarusian actress grazed them on the red carpet "Listapad". But on this visit he brought a new collection of dresses that sewed specially for the Cannes festival.

Tania de Bourbon Parma came to Belarus with her husband, and frankly admitted that before this almost did not know about our country. However, it turned out that the princess has common roots not only to the Romanov dynasty (her Russian Tanya - it is a tribute to this kinship), but also with our magnates Radziwill.(dresses for wedding)

54-летняя принцесса призналась, что Радзивиллам она родственница. Фото: ПОЛЕЩУК Юлия

- Granddaughter of George I of the Greek name is Tatiana Radziwill, and this is my aunt. I am very proud kinship with Radziwill. So when Denis Durand invited me to the opening of the exhibition was in the Mir Castle, which, as I know, was virtually destroyed and restored not too long ago, I realized that I should have to go, - said the princess.

Tania de Bourbon was surprised by their openness, smiling, and if someone were stereotypes that representatives of royal blood prim and haughty - completely dispelled them. She happily talked with the visitors of the exhibition and easily photographed with everyone.

- Current aristocrats different from previous, - she said in response to our compliment. - We work, we live in a normal society and communicate with people of any classes. I do not feel any special responsibility to the ancestors, although I am a cousin of almost all the European kings. As for the experience of Belarus - they are connected with the most sincere reception that I have. We need to cooperate more! I would very much like to have my visit strengthened ties France and Belarus. but emotions from your country, I want to take with black bread - I really liked it. And I already think about how to visit your country again - Princess admitted.

Intrigue of the exhibition was that for dresses accessories - namely handbags - fashion designer has created a Belarusian Chechen origin Apti Eziev. In addition, one of the dresses in white designer Denis Durand sewed fabric of Belarus.

Фото: ПОЛЕЩУК Юлия

- What a pity that I was already married! We are pleased to put this dress on her wedding, - confessed Oksana Vinogradova, director of brand heartiness, who created this fabric.(http://www.dressesmallau.co/formal-dresses-adelaide-c327/)

What the ambassador of Belarus to France Pavel Latushko, who came specially for the opening of the exhibition in the world, said:

- Very symbolic that the exhibition is held in the castle, which belonged to Radziwills. Everyone knows that in Paris there is a street Radziwill. It Radziwill in the XVIII century French choreographers invited to the first - so appeared the Belarusian ballet. Thanks to the Belarusian ballet famous Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Warsaw ballet was created. All this shows that Belarus cooperates with France for centuries in the area of ​​culture. And it's very nice that the tradition continues. I am very grateful to the distinguished guest that she visited Belarus. As far as the wedding dress, I'll tell you: the one who married three times - a coward and alarmist - joked Latushko.

susan sin Jun 19 '16 · Tags: dress, fashion, women
susan sin

Armfashionday - spring display of works of Armenian fashion designers, known on the catwalks of the world, will be held for the second time on May 28 in Moscow in the entertainment complex Golden Palace.

This year's show will include eight Armenian fashion costumes and accessories. Among them: Aram Nikolyan with his new collection "Urfa", the head of Terian Art Centre Lilit Melikyan will present its new collection "Carpet" and "Khachkar", founder of the bridal salon El'ka Hasmik Abrahamian - wedding dresses from the new collection, the organizers Events.

There the participants directly from Moscow - it is a fashion designer Ani Manukyan, which will show a collection of evening formal dresses and swimwear brand Varda TM will present a fashion designer, famous dancer Vardanush Martirosyan.

"The purpose of the event - on one platform to present a wide range of original outfits talented Armenian fashion designers", - said the curator of the event Naira Niazyan.

She added that the show will be a competition, which will be attended by three novice designers: Marguerite Nanushyan Tigran Vaganyan and Rosa Minasyan. They will be given the opportunity to express themselves and to participate in such large-scale event on a par with established fashion designers.

According to the results of the contest winner will receive the opportunity for two months to put his collection on sale in one of Moscow's multi-brand. Evaluate the work of startups will be an expert jury, which included - designer Armen Yeritsyan, who lives in Moscow Tigran Alberti shoe designer and stylist Esai Simikyan.

Armfashionday has already established itself as a major and long-awaited event in the fashion-industry of Russia and Armenia. As guests at the event will be attended by the VIP-guests, media persons, representatives of business and show business as well as the media. It is planned that audience coverage will be 2,000. From VIP-guests have already confirmed their presence Anastasia Volochkova, who performed on tour in Yerevan.(black formal dresses)

Fashion designer Yana Shevchenko, Italian opera and pop singer Anna Azerli, fashion designer Julia Dalakyan, designer clothes and accessories Svetlana Yevstigneyeva, actress and singer Anna Kalashnikova, singer Yuri Titov and others.

Armfashionday held for the second consecutive year in Moscow. In 2015, it took about 500 people, the event was a great resonance in Russia and Armenia, as well as widely reported in the Russian and Armenian media.

susan sin May 25 '16 · Comments: 1 · Tags: dress, fashion, women
susan sin

Parade the fashion collections for the big wedding day and beyond, which is home to at fieramilanocity from Friday 20 to Monday, May 23 Yes Sposaitalia Collections.

international event of great attraction for the presence of 156 companies (41% foreign) and over 200 collections dedicated to bridal fashion: bridal gowns, ceremonies man, woman, child and accessories of the greatest Italian and foreign brands that telling ideas, forms , materials, traditions and describe the trends in vogue. Because Milan is the reference point for the most important Italian and international buyers, thanks to an oasis of ever more intriguing and stimulating business and creativity. As evidenced by the 20% growth of meters of exhibition space compared to the previous edition and preparation which will differ from past editions thanks to a restyling that makes it even more involving exposure participation of visitors and buyers coming to Milan all over the world attracted by novelty, craftsmanship has a distinct personality and rich revolutionary experiments of boldness.


Seen on the catwalks of New York and confirmed by the collections at fieramilanocity, the manlike dress(cheap prom dresses) has earned a place of honor among the trends of 2017. It is a palazzo pants, a second skin or even jumpsuit suitable for brides less stereotyped choose trousers for their best day. Alessandra Rinaudo, Papilio and Valentini are just some of the brands that will offer them for next season.

Transparencies, soft silhouettes and dreamy colors promoters confirmed a romance never forgot how well the starring Leila Hafzi, Sadoni and David Fielden; as well as the flakes remain among the leaders of bridal collections: those soft and Elizabeth oversize Polignano to the most bon ton of Tosca Brides & Inmaculada Garcia.

3d flowers that come to life, and they are applied volume "bloom" on Aurelie Cherell models, Gaby Charbachy and especially in accessories, from shoes to decorations to embellish the hairstyle of the bride.


A change in the name of tradition, the new exhibition layout provides for a special area that is the heart of the event: Town in style Flowers dominated by innovation told by the protagonists of the proposals Designer section and characterized by business meetings and discussions professional between representatives of companies and buyers with the lounge dedicated to buyers and to the catwalk hosting parades.


Yes Sposaitalia confirms showcase of excellence for the great Italian tradition, but is also enriched with a large representative of international brands that put the offer of global trends. Among the exhibitors, in fact, are no companies in Greece, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, USA, France, Lebanon, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Germany, England.

The international character of the event is also confirmed by the presence of invited buyer delegations coming from Azerbaijan, China, US, Japan, South Africa, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Qatar, United Kingdom , Germany, Greece and Belgium with about 80 highly profiled attendance, in addition to international buyers coming, as always, from the most affected market supply of the event. Scouting in world markets of interest has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of Yes Sposaitalia Collections with Eng-Italian Trade Agency.(cheap formal dresses)

This year's event also enjoys the benefits granted by Regione Lombardia under the call "Trade fairs for the competitiveness and development of the Lombard entrepreneurial fabric" which allowed to expand the internationalization projects implemented with the support of the invitation International buyers and the communication and promotion in the most attractive foreign markets.


exciting time, full of atmosphere to share to all international buyers the universal language of beauty and style, is the excellence offered by the narrative on display shows: 8 appointments with some of the most interesting brands and collections "on the move ". Professionalism and high society are intertwined giving operators the opportunity to discover clothes and accessories in their most natural and exciting dimension.

The big brands on the catwalk are: Elisabetta Polignano, Peter Langner, Toi Brides, Lusan Mandongus, Antonio Riva Milan, Alessandra Rinaudo, Cleofe Finati and David Fielden (who will march in Superstudio Piu).

susan sin May 20 '16 · Tags: designer, dress, trends, women
susan sin

Rather than work colleagues are good friends. Lauren Lucia Wille and Gala are two young men with creative minds, simply they merge both perfectly. The first is a photographer and the second is a producer of fashion, they make your work a perfect mix of talent, professionalism and innovation. Just the two can go through models as they are not only creative, but also beautiful, kind and simple, something that is just and necessary to highlight.

A little history. Lauren admits that met two years ago and since that time made a click until today. Meanwhile, Gala says how nice to work among women is that they have character, style and are retailers. "We formed a team and each with its respective path, for me it's incredible," he says. He also confesses that the two are perfectionists in what they do also have grown professionally and understood together wonderfully. Both studied at the same university in Argentina and have similar work tools.(backless formal dresses)

A beautiful photographer. Lauren is as sweet as her name, always has a smile on his face and his kindness is strong, she is married to Hermes Aponte and comes from a family of beautiful women.


Wille has the most beautiful thing that has touched you shoot is the first kiss of the couple who swear eternal love, the smile of a newborn and the birth of a new campaign. Surely it is not just a lover of the cameras, but loves to be photographed. "Love me out photos, last year I was part of the image of a line of Natura. I enjoyed it a lot. " But it is not all work and photo shoots; she is a woman of good heart and that really enjoys helping people. "With my husband belong to the Christian Family Church where we work in the area of ​​family and (we) more focused on dating, love advise them, help them," Lauren ended.

Lucia is a brunette with slender figure, bushy eyebrows, seductive look and owner of a pleasant character. It is considered a tireless worker, he says that in the days of work there is never buts, excuses or fatigue. "I'm of the thinking that if you came to 100/100 and now look for the 200," he said.

Gala confesses that his body care training and eating healthy, because to help a model get to be at their best to work on these aspects. That's why she feeds healthily and trains in Crossfit training center Bless and Fitbull daily.(http://www.dressesmallau.co/pink-formal-dresses-c189/)

By owning a body to die many times have called to be a model. "Every time I have more work as a model, image and ambassador of different brands and I love it. I love to be on both sides and live the experiences of this world that I love so much, "concluded the young.

With many projects. Lauren note that this year will come many important projects. "We have too many projects. Keep working on campaigns, covers and fashion advertisements and while I have many goals set with my page Lucia Gala to develop it as personal branding and television, "he said Gala.

susan sin May 16 '16 · Tags: dress, women
susan sin

center room that day was like a boutique with haute couture dresses. On the table laid out jewelry. Here and colorful earrings and shiny necklace, bracelets and fine. On hangers - colorful dresses of different styles.

- These dresses on hangers - from famous designers and Russian celebrities. The shares have already participated Yana Churikova, Diana Gurtskaya, Mark Tishman, Yuliya Nachalova, - told the employee TTSSO "Burgher" Irina Ignatenko.

In addition to pop stars, suits, dresses(red formal dresses) and accessories, and bring ordinary Muscovites. Among them - the daughter of Lydia Kozlova Ekaterina Medvedeva. They joined the gathered collection with three dresses for graduates.

Предназначены наряды для выпускников из малообеспеченных и многодетных семей либо являющихся сиротами

- Last year we also brought things here. I am from a large family, and I have three sons. I know how it is to collect the child at the ball hard. But beautiful and elegant on that day everyone wants to be. If it is possible, then why not help - Catherine says.

State orders assess employees of the center.

- All responsible approach to the action, but we should still things to be without flaws, - says Irina Ignatenko.

Designed dresses for graduates from low-income families or are orphans.

- Anyone wishing to obtain a dress(http://www.dressesmallau.co/green-formal-dresses-c191/) for prom should contact the social services center in the community, - he explained the chief specialist of the department of social protection of the population of the Central District Mikhail Lukashev. - Applications will be considered in the Department of Labor and Social Protection.

Create your own unique image of a celebratory children help professional stylists.


Olga Grachev, the first deputy head of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the population of Moscow:

- Carrying out such actions is justified social event.

We try to meet those who are difficult to prepare children for the final ball. We will continue to collect things, starting from 15 May to organize a solemn issue. This will be the next stage of our charity event. We hope that we will be able to put at least 500 high school graduates this year. It is gratifying that the Muscovites always

susan sin May 10 '16 · Tags: dress, fashion, women
susan sin

Midi skirts, floral jackets, trousers, shorts and retro fantasies: all this and much more goes into spring wardrobe in perfect bon ton style. Revival timeless dusts off the desire never gone to be able to live in polite society, wearing coats, dresses with flounces and ruffles, flared dresses(red formal dresses) in rich fabrics, but also many small bags with materials and sorbet colors. A trends for spring summer 2016 which reflects perfectly the excellence of Made in Italy. On etiquette leaders you have focused various fashion brands, including Gucci, who proposed the elegant prints, to which it is difficult to give up.

The rules of 'good manners', an expression that indicates ways and polite and elegant behavior, etiquette and manners, have originated from the label of the ceremony which was applied to political and social world. A kind of grammar of behavior governed by the dictates of how to greet, write, relate among people of a certain social level.

Moda, il bon ton di primavera firmato Gucci, Liu Jo e Blumarine

At one time, therefore, it was formal correctness standards established by an ad hoc treaty, the etiquette of Monsignor Giovanni Della Casa, without which no one had access to lounges. With the advent of the twentieth century have been reduced to an exercise in mere snobbishness and ostentation to end their downward slide in a reassuring ritual of respectability. After World War II, they returned some nostalgic 'dietrologismi' especially thanks to Colette Rosselli advice dispensed by its volumes on etiquette as 'The life style of Donna Letizia'.

Today, with the spread of bad taste and bad manners, he finds himself feeling a renewed attention to good manners, though liberated from the social division into classes. Fashion designers today seem to want to retrace the spirit of those times in the sartorial creations proposed for this spring-summer. Alexander McQueen raises ruffles and flounces on her outerwear. Oscar De La Renta and Blumarine are parading white shirts or blouses and vintage prints.

The retro-inspired glamor becomes the dresses(http://www.dressesmallau.co/one-shoulder-formal-dresses-c401/) Liu Jo, while the pleated skirts of Dolce & Gabbana bring into fashion etiquette. The coats and dusters are medium long, the shoes have a low heel, but subtle, such as re-invented by Christian Lauboutin and Manolo Blahnik. But those who love the comfort and elegance footwear baby model, with cleat and strap off, will give the right touch of chic and retro.

susan sin Apr 19 '16 · Tags: dress, fashion, women
susan sin

The woman, as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers, has always been a mantra that is repeated every season. There are brands that have founded their own creative culture on absolute femininity and have created collections with the sole aim to enhance it to the fullest.

From literature to art, from cinema to theater, the personality and elegance of the woman of fashion(black formal dresses) have been the starting point for telling engaging stories or propose imaginary in which the audience could identify with. Perhaps the charm of reading and interpreting this inspiration lies in the ability to find always new stories to be staged and the certainty of not incurring never trite.

Schermata 2016-04-04 alle 17.17.33

It is on these tracks that Antonio Marras has chosen Adèle Hugo to design a collection that he has termed a "tribute to the madness." Unrequited love for Lieutenant Pinson led the young daughter of writer Victor Hugo to the absolute madness, abandoning himself in an asylum until his death in 1915. It seems strange that there may be something fascinating in such an irrational history, yet it Italian designer has caught behind the exaggeration crowds of Adèle the overwhelming intensity of feelings that moves the heart and mind of the romantic and passionate woman.

The collection, which has marched in Milan on the occasion of the presentations for the Fall / Winter 2016-17, reflects this state of mind tormented by gloomy atmosphere with long dark coats and embroidered lace, black veils that hide the eyes, leather inserts and complete a masculine edge. The rigor of the clothes in which the body of the models is locked up is the mind that blocks cages and the thoughts of the young protagonist.

The imagination of the designer reads and perceives the intensity of these thoughts, upsetting and rewriting the ending of the story of Adèle Hugo: between the lands of Sardinia and in friendship with the writer Grazia Deledda, Antonio Marras imagines the young transform their madness a suave and bold romanticism, with light dresses(formal dresses online), floral prints, bright colors and unusual decorations, up to close this path "home cookin" with a silk pajamas and a red fire blanket over his shoulders, without any inhibition, without any fear of judgments of the people. White replaces black, light replaces darkness, the madness that was a torment now becomes creativity.

It is this freedom of expression to be confused with the imagination and to give space to the thoughts, dreams, feelings in their most intense forms. Even at the cost of losing the perception of self.

susan sin Apr 5 '16 · Tags: dress, fashion, women
susan sin

In the beginning it was Dolce & Gabbana with its collection of Abaya and Hijab. Now is the great popular brands, fashion stores, those from London to Paris overlook their dummies on the roads, to propose the new Islamic look. In the French capital still upset by the attacks, however, Islamic veils and "burkinis" (imaginative meeting point between bikini and burqa) do a lot of anger.

Among them - interviewed by Le Parisien - there's a fashion as boss Pierre Bergé, businessman and for years a partner and companion in the life of Yves Saint-Laurent: "I am heartbroken - he says - I feel a total lack of moral and political consciousness. the creators have absolutely nothing to do in this market which is the negation of fashion(dresses for formal)! I find it shameful behavior of these brands. they should exalt freedom and not to use women who are enslaved. "

Il. velo islamico proposto da Dolce&Gabbana © ANSA

The tendency to Islamic look, however, it now seems exploded and unstoppable: in 2019, the Muslim fashion market should represent the world a haul of $ 500 billion, double the 2013. After multinationals such as H & M (be "chic" says advertising with the image of a Muslim girl with hair and neck covered by the veil) came the Japanese Uniqlo with its veils (hijab) in London showcases, closely followed by Marks & Spencer. With 62,95 euro, for next summer, you can ensure a good "burkini", plain or floral.

In France, home of fashion, the turning point came in the ideological and financial time more difficult to digest, so that all the great designers do not comment on the news gladly. Speaks only Agnes b .: "It 'a delicate thing, making this type of clothing is something that goes beyond the consumer or fashion. It means entering into the sphere of politics, religion. I do not never do. C' it is something obscene in proposing to rich women dresses(formal dresses Adelaide) in certain countries where fleeing bombs with their veil on the head ".

If anyone rebels, most sniffed the big deal, on the Champs-Elysees the parade of rich Arab descending from chauffeured limousine and enter credit cards in plain sight in the most prestigious boutiques are daily panorama. "It 's time to end this opposition between faith and fashion, which makes the veil taboo - says Ece Ege, Franco-Turkish creator who created the fashion house says Kayek - think that all veiled women are enslaved is to ignore a model of life, a religion a culture. Ignore these women, means to isolate them. "

susan sin Mar 31 '16 · Tags: dress, fashion, women
susan sin

"I live in the middle 'between reality' theater," I sentence 'the APV MTV in 2011. And today, the day of his thirtieth birthday, Lady Gaga - born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta - and' conscious of having spent the last few years on riding high. The eccentric pop star of Sicilian origin from his father's side, who started his career as a singer in the wake of the Queen (Radio Ga Ga inspired 'her stage name), Madonna and David Bowie, and' turned thanks his fighting spirit and a style that is fashion authentic cultural icon. Entered the list of 100 personalities' most 'influential 2010 compiled by' Time 'as a' teacher 'of fashion, Lady Germanotta not' ever stop: with its costumes and hairstyles often improbable, outrageous and extreme trod stage and shot videos of his hits (from 'Poker face' in 'Paparazzi', from 'Bad romance' in 'Born this way' until you get to 'Applause') with a central pressing issues such as drugs, bisexuality 'and the money . (http://www.dressesmallau.co/black-formal-dresses-c104/)Up to celebrate its thirty years of fresh an Oscar nomination for best song, whose appearance preceded by US Vice President Joe Biden and 'one of the most' exciting moments of the evening. Unforgettable his interpretation of the song 'Til It Happens to You', an autobiographical piece on aggression experienced by the singer during college and written for 'The Hunting Ground', docu-film about the sad theme of sexual violence on college campuses Use, nominated for Best Song.

Lady Gaga 30 anni in 30 look Lady Gaga Stylight

But 2016 for Lady Gaga and 'also the year of the Golden Globe for her performance in' American Horror Story ', as well as that of his empathic version of' The Star-Spangled Banner 'at the 50th Super Bowl to Levi's Stadium in San Francisco evening of 7 February and emotional tribute to David Bowie on stage. A small army of fans the following on social: Lady Gaga has 57 million followers on Twitter and the hashtag #HappyBirthdayLadyGaga and 'busy for days by his' little monster '(calling themselves' little monsters 'his fans more' loyal ) that refer to video and photo-collage with the main stages of his career and put more 'extravagant. All waiting for her wedding with actor boyfriend and model Taylor Kinney, met in 2011 during the filming of the video 'You and I'. 'Close' in a golden gown with huge puff sleeves, Lady Gaga has celebrated his birthday Saturday night at 'No name Club' in Los Angeles, where he 'made with her boyfriend, reached shortly after by celebrities of the caliber Kate Hudson, Nick Jonas, Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Kylie Minogue.

All of Gaga look: Just Dance, Born This Way, artpop and much more - The theatrical look of Gaga have definitely helped launch the career of the artist, as Stylight says: hairstyles and voluminous wigs, extreme fringes, hats that look like sculptures, long hair, short, straight, curly, blond, brown, pink, green, turquoise, Brown: Mother Monster is an almost endless source of inspiration, because the list could go on much longer!

The love of Gaga for Bowie was already evident in the early days, when she appeared in the Just Dance video with an arrow painted on his face. The hair tied in a bow? Lady Gaga has managed to turn soon into a trend. He did not keep secret certain passion for masks and for creaziono Alexander McQueen and the VMAs in 2009 are an example, with suit and red lace mask, complete with crown. As it is no secret uses passion for shoes notes Armadillo McQueen, a real challenge to gravity. In 2009, Gaga has also performed in front of Queen Elizabeth II, complete with a red ruff and glitter. A fashion (and not only fashion) unforgettable statement is what Gaga did at the VMAs in 2010 instead: a hotel made entirely of raw meat dress(http://www.dressesmallau.co/one-shoulder-formal-dresses-c401/) worn in protest against the military policy "Do not ask, don 't tell ". The apparel styling was entrusted to Nicola Formichetti. A collaboration that has led also to parade on the Thierry Mugler show in Paris, as did Rick Genest, known as Zombie Boy, co-star of the Born This Way video.

In 2010, Gaga has always been sensitive to issues linked to gender identity, has created an alter ego, Jo Calderone, and appeared, with cut and men's clothes, on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan. Jo also arrived early in the stage and Gaga incorporated it in his performances in 2011. But it is not the only appearance in Vogue: in March of 2011 wore on the cover a sharp pink helmet and then tronfato on the cover of the September issue 2012 . with the release of artpop, in 2013, he turned his face into a Paletted, with colorful make-up and colorful; plus voluminosissimi brown hair and bikini mermaid. In 2014 he also deepened the relationship with Donatella Versace: in addition to being testimonial for the Italian brand, has also appeared hand in hand of the designer at the fashion shows in Paris, wearing a long dress, complete with mysterious hood. In 2014 there was a breakthrough jazzy: Gaga collaborated with crooner Tony Bennett perl'uscita Album Cheek to Cheek. The two were the protagonists of the Christmas spot H & M the same year. For the occasion Gaga has given us a cascade of curls blacks!

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