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I read Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. I was deeply attracted to this book, and it made me realize Robinson��s amazing perseverance and indomitable spirit Marlboro Cigarettes Price.ok tells of an Englishman named Robinson, who likes sailing and adventure. He could have relied on his father's arrangement to rely on a solid family business to live a calm and affluent life. However, Robinson, who is bent on going out, has become a sailor full of thrills and excitement. Because of the unimaginable strength, perseverance and courage Parliament Cigarettes, relying on his own wisdom and hard work, land reclamation, cutting trees and building houses, captive goats. , build a ship and rescue the savage "Friday." Just as Robinson was preparing to rescue a group of Spanish crew members who were aborigines, he was hijacked by a mob and sent to a desert island. Robinson once again showed extraordinary courage. He single-handedly defeated the mob, rescued the crew, regained the big ship, and ended his life on the desert island. Once, when he took a boat to South America, he encountered a strong wind on the way, the boat turned over, and his companions were dead. Only Robinson was lucky enough to survive. Robinson was rushed to the island by the big waves. This is a ridiculous island. Faced with this harsh environment, cold and hungry, he did not know how to live Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. Finally, Robinson defeated everything with his own perseverance.y understand that Robinson has such a rich and colorful experience Marlboro Gold, which is inseparable from his hard work and strong character. And I am lacking this spirit and character Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. I didn��t experience the wind and rain, I didn��t love the hard work of life, I couldn��t understand that the happy life was hard to come by. Cheng Tian'an is in the status quo, not thinking about progress, only talking about ideals, lacking a serious and steady spirit of struggle. In the study, I often encounter some difficulties, but this difficulty is inferior to the difficulties and obstacles that Robinson encountered when living alone on a desert island. He can use his hands to create miracles. Why can't I bravely bravely overcome difficulties?
I read the book "Old Things in the South of the City" and felt the colorful childhood life of Xiaoyingzi and her childish mind.Things in the South of the City" mainly talked about Xiaoyingzi who met two friends when he went out to play: one was the lunatic show in the Hui'an Pavilion; the other was the little girl who met in the oil and salt store. Later, Xiaoyingzi saw the green notes on the neck of the girl, knowing that they were mothers and daughters, and enthusiastically helping them. In order to find the father of Xiaoguizi, both the mother and the daughter died under the train. After Yingzi moved, she saw a thief hiding in the grass and making friends with him, knowing his difficulties. Her frequent guests - Lancome and Dexian, they fell in love. Song Ma was a servant of the English family. The younger brother of the British brother grew up drinking her milk. His son was drowned and his daughter was sold. Later she was picked up by her husband Wholesale Cigarettes. Yingzi Elementary School graduated, and his father died unfortunately. Xiaoyingzi is no longer a child. She also began to understand the responsibility she shoulders. the story of Xiaoyingzi and made me forget. Lan Lan Niang Marlboro Red 100S, who smiles slantingly, ignores the child's de-Xun, the lunatic of the Yushu Hutong Parliament Cigarettes, the small partner at the well... in my mind. The people mentioned in the book are the most ordinary people. The most ordinary thing is the discovery of the beauty of human nature and the beauty of human feelings: Song Ma lost a pair of children, and still treats Xiaoyingzi and his younger brothers; the madman is essentially cute. Dear, poor; thief helpless; Lan Lan Niang's childhood; father to support the revolutionary youth... Xiaoyingzi is pure, kind, intelligent, lively, curious, brave and strong. She used the chih my childhood was not as dramatic as Xiaoying's childhood Carton Of Marlboro Reds, my childhood was very colorful and memorable. When I was a child, I was innocent and lively, pure and kind, childish and curious, and still stupid. I don��t know what I want to try. After I try, I will always exchange my father��s mother��s scolding and scolding Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Afterwards, I will sumfe is rich and colorful, so memorable, let us cherish and care for it.
If a person does not love his country, then this person is a "traitorous thief". Those patriotic people release all their light and heat in all walks of life and contribute to the country Online Cigarettes. We should be as patriotic as those great men.urse, we are still a primary school student Cigarettes Cheaper. We can't do everything like the patriotic love for the people. We can't sacrifice our lives for the country like the revolutionary heroes, in exchange for the people's happiness and peace. We can't add to the country like the sweaty athletes on the field. A glory.did our country be beaten when it was backward? Even a small park was hung with a sign that ��Chinese and dogs are not allowed to enter�� Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. How is the Yuanmingyuan, known as the ��Garden of Wanyuan�� Cheap Cigarettes, become overnight? The ruins, I think everyone should be clear. What did Grandpa Zhou Enlai study hard at that time? It is for the rise of China and studying for it!w can our primary school students not be patriotic? Yes, we can start from the present, start from the little things around us, and take patriotism with practical actions. Specifically speaking, it is: planting a tree, caring for the family, caring for the collective... What's more, Liang Qichao said: The young is strong and the young is strong. "Everyone starts from today, from now on How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, study hard and let the motherland flourish and prosper!
Unforgettable classmates have a familiar smile. Unforgettable friends who play together. Unforgettable that beautiful campus. It��s even more memorable that the teacher��s a graduating elementary school student Newport Cigarettes Price, facing the first turning point in life.partner, the eternal partner, when I encountered difficulties, extended a pair of warm hands to help me build confidence and get out of the woods. We are about to be separated Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but we will never forget each other, a touch of happiness in my heart, a hint of comfort. We will not separate, no matter whether we go to the ends of the earth, we will not forget oung age, and how much effort the teacher spent. Every word the teacher said to me, when I am about to graduate, When I made a mistake, when I made a mistake, when I did something wrong Cigarette Online, a sentence, a little bit, a drop... A thousand words made a sentence, "Fresh, study hard, live well, be a good person. Didn't we grow up in the teacher's bit r six years of spring Marlboro Gold Pack, summer, autumn and winter, the wind blew our alma mater, the rain drenched our alma mater, and nurtured my six-year alma mater. I will never forget her figure, when I walked gently in the morning. On the campus, I heard the sound of reading from the school. How sweet it is. I feel that my alma mater is so great Marlboro Lights, so loving, she has nurtured so many seedlings. Are we not the useful people of the motherland? I am about to leave my alma mater to a higher level school, I am reluctant. But I know clearly that it will be my other alma mater.
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