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linchao Nov 9 '18
This past week Todd Gurley Jersey Elite , a thing on Twitter (how many horrible stories of the decade have started this way) ballooned into a bigger question about what it means to be a fan.A self-proclaimed San Francisco 49ers fan was tired of his team and wondered if he’d be accepted as a Los Angeles Rams fan. Obviously, the timing of this move — with Jimmy GQ going down for the season and the Rams becoming the talk of the NFL — reeked of the worst kind of bandwagon fan. Most die-hard Rams rejected this notion because it, well, it’s easy to do. Though there is no way to truly enforce a team’s fandom. Most people would admit that they want their fellow fans to be passionate, loyal and knowledgeable about their team, but is that really reasonable to expect these days?As the Rams continue to dominate, there will be new fans popping up like mosquitos, sucking the fun out of this experience. They will wear Rams hats, shirts, put stickers on their cars. These new bandwagon fans will just show up on a whim because the water feels nice. QB Jared Goff http://www.losangelesramsteamonline.com/aaron-donald-jersey , RB Todd Gurley, WR Brandin Cooks and DL Aaron Donald will be fun to cheer for — we have legit stars on this team. There won’t be any heartbreak — the whole experience of being a Rams fan will be an easy and fulfilling one for new fans.Neat.This has not been the typical experience of most Rams fans in the past and therein lies the problem.Yet, here’s the thing about fan bases of successful franchises: it’s not a happy family. It’s a mob of every type of jerk imaginable. Anything good that gets insanely popular ends up getting bad fans... just try to some read “fanboy” whine about the new Star Wars movies on Twitter and you’ll get the idea real quick.I believe that it’s just that large groups of people are the worst. For the past couple of years, the LA Rams’ fan base has felt like a family of battle-tested football fans that were arguably smaller in numbers than most teams, but the passion was off the charts. I was at a party the other day, and some dude was wearing a Rams hat. I started talking to him about McVay and his face glazed over and he just stopped me cold. “Bro, it’s just a hat.” As I felt rage seethe in my veins, I had to shake it off and just laugh. We can’t check IDs for fans at the games or at the local Lids store. If the Rams end up being a dynasty for the next decade or so, all we can do is remain a part of it — we aren’t the gatekeepers just because we were here when the Rams sucked. Years ago, I went to Fenway Park because my father was a die-hard Red Sox fan. We got some awful seats behind a big yellow post and were watching a game against the hated Yankees. It was great. Being from Southern California http://www.losangelesramsteamonline.com/todd-gurley-ii-jersey , I was taken aback by the intense volume these fans made. It was one the most impressive atmospheres I witnessed as a sports fan. This old lady was sitting nearby, couldn’t have been younger than 80, turned to me and said, “You’re gonna have to clap louder!” And I did. She didn’t ask me if I liked the Sox or what my history as a fan was. I was present, and it was time to join in. So as the Los Angeles Coliseum fills up and the bars all across the Southland become littered with loudmouths in Goff jerseys, take a breath and remember that when it’s time for kickoff, your history as a fan isn’t the point. Just clap, scream, and cheer louder than everyone else, like a true fan.Random Ramsdom 8/21: Ndamukong Suh LOLs at Dolphins Run Defense and More Ndamukong Suh Mocks Dolphins’ Run Defense in Instagram Comment | ESPNNdamukong Suh throwing shade at his old team. I wouldn’t call this a “sick burn” as the kids say http://www.losangelesramsteamonline.com/cooper-kupp-jersey , but it’s not nothing either.Rams ‘definitely Leaning Towards’ Playing Goff, Gurley and Starters Vs. Texans | Rams WireGoff Was dressed during the win against the Raiders but didn’t see any playing time. Now it seems like the needle is moving towards finally giving the starters some full-bore reps against another team, at least according to Coach McVay.Rams, Tackle Rob Havenstein Agree to Terms on 4-year Contract Extension | OC RegisterRams: “You get a contract, And you get a contract! EVERYONE GETS A CONTRACT!”Aaron Donald: checks under his seat, “Where’s my contract?”Rams: “Oh, we must have ran out... But you can have this Franchise Tag right here.”PFF’s Preseason Week 2 NFL Team of the Week | PFFCiting an impressive showing during the win over the Oakland Raiders on Saturday, Nate Holley gets picked for Safety on PFF’s weekly NFL Team. Based purely on what I observed from my seat at the Coliseum, I have to agree with PFF, Nate did well and was a key part of a few plays. He definitely put up a better performance than his brother Jared Goff Jersey Elite , who was overshadowed at RB by John Kelly.Sean McVay: ‘Good possibility’ Rams sign Junior Galette following workout | Even with all the moves they’ve already made, The best on-paper defense in the NFL isn’t sitting still, even this late into the offseason. Rams Activate Dominique Easley | PFTShould the Aaron Donald situation bleed into the regular season, having Easley healthy and playing again is a an especially positive development.Gallery: Rams edge Raiders in preseason action | Fox SportsThese are some cool shots from Saturday’s game.What We Learned From the Rams’ 19-15 Preseason Victory Over the Oakland Raiders | LA TimesSome good takeaways from Saturday’s victory over the Oakland Raiders.25 Most Important Rams for 2018 – No. 21: LB Cory Littleton | A lot has been said about the players being lost in the shadow of the All-Star Rams defense. Littleton may not be a big name in the sense that Suh or Aqib Talib are, but as the defense’s new signal-caller, he’s as important, if not more so.
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