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linchao Jan 14 '19
Sam Darnold remembers sitting at home in Southern California watching Andrew Luck sling the football all over the fields of the Pac-12 for Stanford.The young quarterback was a freshman in high school in 2012 Jordan Wilkins Jersey , when Luck became the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft and the future of the franchise for the Indianapolis Colts.More than six years later, Darnold is in the same spot with the New York Jets. And, now he'll get a chance to face Luck on the same field Sunday."From watching him in the past, first of all he's such a bright dude in general and you can see how he takes that to the football field," Darnold said Wednesday. "So it's really cool to be able to watch him play."While Luck is 29 and Darnold just 21, there are some comparisons when it comes to poise and calm under fire that are strong attributes of both quarterbacks.They are also the respective faces of their franchises, and Darnold has seen Luck deal with that responsibility over the past few years."To see him get drafted and to see what he's been able to do for the Colts and to see what he's been able to do for that organization, yeah, he's been banged up, but he's a great player," Darnold said."We know our defense has their hands full, but it's also going to be a dogfight for us, too, because they have a great defense. We're really looking forward to the challenge though, knowing how great of a quarterback Andrew is."Luck missed all of last season with a shoulder injury and has been thrust right back into running the pass-heavy offense of the Colts . The veteran threw 121 passes in a five-day span last week in losses to Houston and New England, appearing at times as though he never missed a beat.The Colts quarterback is also known to be able to make plays with his feet while playing smartly — characteristics that have some comparing Darnold to Luck."Yeah, he definitely has more years of experience, but I can see it," Darnold said. "He likes to extend plays, but at the same time he likes to just hang in there and deliver the ball on time and accurately. Yeah, I can see some similarities."Colts coach Frank Reich knows a lot about the quarterback position, having played in the NFL for 14 years — many of them as the backup to Jim Kelly in Buffalo.He, too, sees some of the same things others have been saying about Darnold and Luck."It feels like to me a little bit of the same personality," Reich told reporters during a conference call. "It's not too big from the standpoint of not only intellectually, but just for lack of a better word 'emotionally.' It's not too big. The game's not too big."And physically Authentic Eric Ebron Jersey , being able to make the throws and some of the athleticism."Darnold didn't necessarily model himself after Luck, but he saw plenty of the former Cardinal quarterback playing his USC Trojans while he was growing up."That was when (Jim) Harbaugh was doing his thing with Andrew," Darnold said. "I got to watch him a lot and how they dominated for a little bit up there in the north. It was really fun to watch and really cool to see Andrew Luck dissect defenses at such a young age. It was really fun and kind of inspiring to me."Darnold has had an up-and-down first five games of his NFL career. He has seven touchdown passes and six interceptions, and his 55.7 percent completion rate and 77.2 quarterback rating rank near the bottom of the league.But, both coach Todd Bowles and offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates have been happy with Darnold's consistent progress during the early part of the season. In New York's 34-16 win over Denver last Sunday , Darnold threw three TD passes, including a perfectly placed 76-yard TD toss to Robby Anderson that showed the young QB can stretch the field a little, too."I feel good every week," Darnold said. "For me, especially at this position and at this high of a level, you've just got to really just stay the course."NOTES: RB Isaiah Crowell did not practice because of what Bowles said was a "sore" ankle. Crowell was selected as the AFC's offensive player of the week after rushing for a franchise-record 219 yards last Sunday. ... CB Trumaine Johnson (quadriceps), CB Buster Skrine (concussion), WR-KR Andre Roberts (elbow/foot), C Spencer Long (knee/finger), LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (foot) and WR Charone Peake (hamstring) also didn't practice. Bowles ruled out Peake for the game against Indianapolis. ... WR Terrelle Pryor (groin), S Marcus Maye (ankle/foot) and TE Neal Sterling (concussion) were all limited. If you were looking for in-depth film breakdown, or one of my opponent scouting reports, or even a Colts-centric article, you’ve arrived at the wrong article. Welcome to the weekly conspiracy report where I, Chris Shepherd, will examine nefarious plots around the league and expose them for what they are. Now sure, I won’t be able to provide you any “proof” and no, I don’t have any sources (that you know of). What follows should be treated purely as entertainment that includes plausible (and not so plausible) scenarios that no one employed by NFL teams would ever admit to and I accept no responsibility for anything you do with the information I’m about to give you. In fact I accept no responsibility for anything you’re about to read here.In this week ten expos茅 of NFL conspiratorial glory, we’re going to take a look at Jim Irsay’s off season s茅ance that led to the drafting of Quenton Nelson and Braden Smith and ultimately fixing the Colts offensive line issue for the first time in the Luck era. Jim Irsay is a unique character. Love him or hate him, it’s impossible to argue with the fact that he is nothing short of eccentric. So when a source came to me during the team’s bye week and dropped this bombshell in my inbox, it was surprising but hardly shocking. It seems Youth Matt Slauson Jersey , according to my source, that Jim Irsay in an attempt to gain an advantage over the 31 other NFL teams, let Chris Ballard handle the day to day football operations and turned his own focus to less conventional methods. In the months leading up to the 2018 draft Jim Irsay began attempting to contact the dead in an effort to learn forbidden knowledge that may help the 2018 Indianapolis Colts. My source, who was in the room for every session, tells the story better than I can so here is an excerpt of a series of emails I was sent:Had any other NFL owner been accused of such things, I would have likely shrugged off this email as the ramblings of a crazy person, but something, or perhaps someone urged me not to ignore it. Jim Irsay, during in an attempt to communicate with deceased NFL coaching greats, instead got all of his information from none other than George Costanza III and the results have been amazing. All Colts fans owe George a debt of gratitude for the information he was able to pass along to Jim Irsay and for finally fixing the offensive line that is protecting Andrew Luck.Remembering the Legend of George Costanza IIIFor those of you who are new around here or happen to be visiting from another SB Nation blog, George Costanza III was a long time member of the Stampede Blue community. He was an interesting guy who told amazing stories about the history of the NFL that you couldn’t find anywhere else. George, knew stuff that nobody wrote about in the early days. He could seemingly remember a two year starter at guard for the Baltimore Colts from 1973-74 and tell you who on the current Colts roster reminded him of that guy. George had a great and valuable knowledge base but he was also a provocateur, he pushed buttons and brandished his opinions like weapons in the hands of a madman looking to settle a score with whatever poor soul who happened to work for the Colts when they fell into his cross hairs. Most regular, longtime users probably had more than a few run-ins with George and his ALL CAPS LOCK ANTICS AND HIS FREQUENTLY OBSCENE NICKNAMES that he seemed to give out to anyone who disagreed with him or anyone who happened to be Art Jones (the first “fat boy” I remember), made for some highly entertaining comment sections, back before we had any real standards for the use of profanity.Despite his all caps ramblings that seemed to start mid paragraph and end as suddenly as they began, there was something about George that endeared him to many in this community. It would be impossible to say that he didn’t love Colts football. He was passionate. His knowledge of the history of the NFL and the Colts was second to none. He was a valuable member of this community who generated more conversations than I could ever hope to. George loved the Colts, hated the Patriots, he loved interacting with other Colts fans and he loved sharing his opinion to any and all that would read it. At his posting peak George developed quite the following, if a new Costanza written fanpost went up it was only a matter of time before there were 100+ comments. George Costanza III, passed away before the 2018 draft. One thing he focused on more than most others was the Colts inability to protect Andrew Luck. We’re halfway through the 2018 season and this is the best offensive line I can remember seeing from any Colts team and they haven’t given up a sack for multiple games in a row. George would have been happy. Stampede Blue will never be the same without George, so this one is for him. Rest in peace, George. I hope heaven has a few 80” flat screens and you’re enjoying the show as much as the rest of us. *Once again, please note this article is purely meant for entertainment and the conversation it can create. Chris Shepherd may or may not actually believe anything above. By looking at current events through alternative viewpoints we hope to come away with a better understanding of what we’re seeing by considering something we’ve never considered. Worst case? We have a lot of fun with conspiracy theories and turn on old episodes of the X-Files while wearing our tin-foil hats.Links to the previous weeks conspiracies:Week 9: Conspiracy Bye WeekWeek 8: Andy ReidWeek 7: Bill BelichickWeek 6: Roger Goodell part IIWeek 5: Sean McDermottWeek 4: Le’Veon Bell Week 3: Roger GoodellWeek 2: Jon GrudenWeek 1: Colts Defense
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