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linchao Jan 16 '19
Ten Thoughts on the NFL After taking an offseason break from my general NFL musings http://www.bearsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-bobby-massie-jersey , I’m back with my Ten Thoughts on the NFL for the 2018 season!This series actually predates my time writing at Windy City Gridiron, as I started it when I was the “official” Bears’ blogger at the Sporting News, back when the Sporting News had that kind of a site. On to my Thoughts!With one week down, I think I know all I need to know about the NFL so far. At least if I listen to what social media is telling me. So with that mindset, here are my hottest of hot takes (#taeks) for the start of the 2018 season!1) Fitz Magic is real, and it’s spectacular.Ryan Fitzpatrick led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 48-40 upset of the New Orleans Saints, which crippled about half of the survivor pool entries in the world. Including mine.Jamesis Winston may never get his starting QB job back, and the Bucs are clearly the class of the NFC South with Fitz under center.Who you tryin to get crazy with ese? Don’t you know I’m loco?2) How ‘bout them Cowboys? How about they suck. The Carolina Panthers barely beat them, so they are a step above suck. 3) The Football Gods kept trying to shut down the Tennessee Titans and the Miami Dolphins game. The game took seven and a half hours to play before the ‘Fins finally pulled out the win. If I remember correctly, the Football Gods sent a hurricane through Miami last year cancelling their season opener, so I guess they have an agenda. 4) Jimmy Garoppolo was exposed for a fraud that lucked his way into a 5-0 run last year. Him and the 49ers had no answer for the Minnesota Vikings and they have no chance in the NFC West, even though it may be the worst division in all of football except for the next team I’ll mention.5) The Los Angeles Rams are the class of not only the NFC West, but the NFL as well. They smacked the Oakland Raiders around last night, and part of the reason is the Raiders couldn’t get any consistent pressure on Ram QB Jared Goff. If only the Black & Silver had a All Pro pass rusher on their team...6) Matt Patricia is just another in a long line of assistant coaches that fail as head coaches when they leave the comforting embrace of Bill Belichick. How in the hell does Patricia, a defensive guru, allow a rookie QB to lead the Jets to a blow out win?And how in the hell is 52-year old Matt Cassel still playing in the NFL?This Lions team may challenge the 2008 Lions team.7) But the New York Jets are gonna be trouble for the AFC East. The Patriots reign is ending and New York’s Sam Darnold is the best of the best of the young quarterbacks. 8) Unless that title belongs to Patrick Mahomes who chucked 4 TDs in just his second start for the Chiefs. I thought spending almost a whole season sitting and learning a system, then taking over in year two wasn’t a viable way to groom a youngster.9) I saw the best stat flash across Twitter yesterday. The Cleveland Browns, at 0-0-1, are off to their best start since 2004. There’s a new power house in the AFC North. 10) Same old Bears. Matt Nagy is no different than Marc Trestman. From his ‘everyone is a captain’ crap, to his pass happy offense, the Bears blew it in Green Bay in a game they should have won. Easily.Then again Adrian Amos Jersey , maybe he’s more like the new age John Fox with his sphincter clenching second half of play calls. Play to win, man...I’m not even going to go in on Mitchell Trubisky, he’s toast in this city. Let’s get Chase Daniel’s arm warmed up because he’s the only hope the Bears have moving forward. The Chicago Bears are looking for their first 4-game winning streak since the 2012 season. That feels like a really, really long time ago. The fact that the Bears are in this position, with such a young, controllable team should make everyone feel pretty giddy. The biggest hurdle might not actually be Ryan Tannehill, Robert Quin, Adam Gase, or this Dolphins team at all. History is not on the Bears side in this game. If we look at the early season DVOA—provided by Football Outsiders—for both teams, this looks like the opposite of the Bucs game. The Bears are 1st in defensive DVOA, while Miami checks in at 5th. The Bears are 17th offensively, with the Dolphins right behind them at 18. This seems like 2 very similar teams, on paper. The difference is that this Dolphins teams is more polished, while the Bears have plenty of room to grow on both sides of the ball. Will the more talented team (Bears) or the more polished team (Dolphins) win this one?So far through 4 games, the Bears seem to have the slight advantage and this is what I will be watching for:What to Watch ForOn offense, it will start up front, as it always does. Unless it rains, which is always a possibility in Florida, I don’t expect the Bears to grind out the game on the ground. That really isn’t Matt Nagy’s style. I also expect the Dolphins to blitz heavily for the second consecutive week. It is difficult to beat the blitz with the running game, so it is going to come down to Nagy’s preparation and play-calling, and Mitch Trubisky’s execution of the offense. But first Authentic Khalil Mack Jersey , he is going to need time to hit his hot receivers. Many folks are calling for a huge game from Jordan Howard, I just don’t see it, mainly because I expect teams to blitz the Bears heavily. Where I think Howard might surprise is on the passing game. If the Dolphins do blitz, look for Howard to get a lot of touches as a receiver this week, as well as Cohen. With Miami’s ballhawking ways, Look for Taylor Gabriel and Anthony Miller to get the lion’s share of the targets and Allen Robinson to be the decoy. Gabriel and Miller have been the most “open” so far this season and I expect the Trubisky to have ball security as priority number one against the NFL’s leader in interceptions. Defensively, it will also start up front. Miami’s offensive line is beat up and they were all that great to begin with. It looks like Laremy Tunsil is going to play this week, but with the NFL’s Concussion Protocol, you never really know. If he does, I expect Khalil Mack to lineup on his usual defensive left alignment, but if Tunsil doesn’t play, Mack will be a chess piece all game long, searching for any weakness he can exploit. Also, I like the sound of an angry Akiem Hicks:The Dolphins don’t have much of a running game and the Bears have the 3rd best run defense by DVOA. I expect them to throw the ball. If Tannehill has to throw, and the Bears can pressure him, he will throw the ball up for grabs. He completely fell apart in the second half against an inferior Bengals defense. If the Bears come out angry, they might just destroy everything. That’s what I will be watching for on Sunday afternoon, what about you? The Bears steamrolled the Bucs before the bye, but will they stay hot or will the forecasted rain cool them off? Watch out for my ‘which players to watch for’ coming later today.
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