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linchao Jun 15 '19
Everybody was in on the Cowboys pick that hasn’t worked out so far."The Dallas Cowboys didn’t have a first-round pick in last night’s NFL Draft and that’s great news for the rest of the league. The front office has been completely owning the first round in recent years. They have an impressive All-Pro list that consisting of seven of their last nine first-round picks. That’s remarkable.One of those picks was Morris Claiborne which occurred seven years ago and we’ve moved on from that. But the second mishap is Taco Charlton Youth Jay Novacek Jersey , who was selected just a couple years ago. While the book isn’t closed on Taco just yet, it doesn’t look very good. The team made a trade with the Miami Dolphins to acquire veteran edge rusher Robert Quinn this offseason, which will inevitably chew into Charlton’s opportunities this upcoming season.There have been different stories floating around about who was actually responsible for the Taco pick. Some of those stories have been told in a way that describes the coaching staff pounding the table for Taco, much to the chagrin of the Cowboys Vice President of Player Personnel, Will McClay. According to urban legends, McClay was in favor of another popular edge rusher, T.J. Watt. This is the story that was told previously by Bryan Broaddus Jay Novacek Jersey Stitched , however yesterday on The Draft Show, Broaddus cleared the air. He said that McClay was on board with picking Taco.The good part of this is that the team was not scattered all over the place in 2017 to where they panicked. There was a consensus and that consensus was Taco Charlton. The team saw him as a guy who had the size and traits to offer great upside. His college production didn’t jump out at you, but he was going against some of the best competition in the nation and they felt there was room for him to go. This wasn’t a Rod Marinelli decision. This wasn’t a Jason Garrett decision. While both coaches might have been highly in favor of the Michigan star edge rusher, this was a team decision with McClay in favor of it. It’s all a business, right?"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Dallas Cowboys News2019 Cowboys Draft: Keep in mind that veteran Cowboys could be dealt away this week New,232commentsIt’s all a business, right?CDTShareTweetShareShare2019 Cowboys Draft: Keep in mind that veteran Cowboys could be dealt away this week Shane Roper-USA TODAY SportsOver the course of the next few days NFL teams are going to be looking to re-shape their rosters by way of the NFL Draft. That’s what happens during the draft. Duh.There are other avenues to acquire talent Youth Michael Irvin Jersey , though. Just two days before the draft began the Kansas City Chiefs flipped their first-rounder for Frank Clark (we had some Cowboys-related takeaways). That was their first pick that they parted with, but they feel like they got better. We saw the Cowboys get a little bit trade happy during the draft a year ago, too. They traded away Ryan Switzer and traded for Tavon Austin. Those weren’t exactly blockbuster deals but they were significant especially given that Switzer was just a second-year player. According to some of the folks at 105.3 The Fan it could be possible that the Cowboys get calls of interest regarding Taco Charlton this weekend, too.It’s quite possible that the Cowboys could be looking to trade throughout the 2019 Draft. They only have six selections as of now and it never hurts to try and acquire more. If they were going to get something though that means they would also have to give up something. What could they give up?Obviously the Cowboys, or any NFL team for that matter, aren’t going to give away anything that they seriously value. The reality though is that every team has players who they are willing to part with. Just look at Switzer last year for example.Ryan Switzer was drafted in the fourth round back in 2017. The first-round selection that year was Taco Charlton, ask any Cowboys fan and they’ll tell you that things haven’t exactly gone well for him since then.Taco is a defensive end entering just his third season and there are still legitimate reasons to believe that he can put together a fine NFL career. Obviously there are reasons to be concerned and perhaps the Cowboys are considering them. Perhaps they’re considering reasons for other players. We’ve heard talks of Jourdan Lewis being shopped before Michael Irvin Jersey Stitched , coincidentally also drafted in 2017, Dallas wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t turn over every stone to try and better their team.Our own Danny Phantom recently wrote about the reasons why Dallas should indeed look to deal away Charlton before the draft. He makes a compelling case.You never want to just give away depth on your team, but right now that’s all that Taco is. The suspension to Randy Gregory hurts the team’s overall defensive end group but it was also bolstered by the Robert Quinn trade. At best, with Randy off the field that is, Taco is the team’s fourth-best pass rusher, with Randy back in the fold he’s fifth. Just because he’s a former first-rounder shouldn’t make you hold on to him forever.We’ve also heard talks of Taco having a bit of an attitude issue before. He’s quick to voice his displeasures with fans on social media and recently even took issue with the rules of what constituted being a member of the Hot Boyz. He then got into a Twitter debate over it all. Seriously. That happened. Unsurprisingly, Taco also took to Twitter to subtweet the original tweet from Jeff Cavanaugh about him potentially being on the move this week.Maybe it’s time for the Cowboys to move on from Taco Charlton Youth Charles Haley Jersey , maybe it’s time for them to move on from any number of their players. This weekend is one way to do it, especially if they can get what they feel is just compensation in return.What do you think?
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