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linchao Sep 12 '19
The Colts put together a solid performance and got a convincing road win against the Oakland Raiders Sunday to head into their bye week on a two game winning streak and with renewed hopes inside the AFC South. While injuries are still plaguing the team on defense [url=http://www.coltsjerseyproshop.com/pat-mcafee-jersey/]Pat McAfee Jersey 2019[/url] , they are getting healthier every week, and the bye couldn’t come at a better time for them. They’ll get a chance to get whole as a team and come out blazing against the Jaguars in two weeks. Let’s take a look at the snaps from this game and see if there is anything of note that can be gleaned from them. Offense#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercent#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercentNotesWhat a nightmare this offense must be for defenses to attempt to deal with. Eric Ebron was on the field for 17 snaps. He had 3 catches for 37 yards and a touchdown. Mo-Alie Cox had 25 snaps and had 1 catch for 26 yards. Except it was a highlight reel touchdown. Nyheim Hines was in the game just barely more than a third of the offensive snaps. He gashed the defense for 78 yards on the ground. It is tough to remember a time a Colts team got such great production off the bench.With the exception of Kelly, this is another week where the offensive line played nearly the whole game together. That continuity thing is real, and this line is just going to get better and better down the stretch. If the Colts can give Andrew Luck another dangerous receiver this offense is going to be terrifying to behold with the kind of clean pocket he is getting.T.Y. Hilton had far and away the most snaps of a receiver, but just 1 catch on 5 targets. While the Colts have done well spreading the ball around, they need Hilton to have a bigger impact on the offense. Ultimately, they are at their best when Hilton is torching secondaries.They didn’t really ease Jack Doyle into the game at all, did they? 57 offensive snaps indicates he was at or very near 100%. His biggest impact came late in the game, but it was great to see him back on the field. Defense#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercent#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercentNotesThe Colts’ defense saw its fewest snaps all season on Sunday, a testament to the effectiveness of the offense at controlling the time of possession.Quincy Wilson and Nate Hairston both saw diminished snaps. Wilson with 11 and Hairston with 9. They had 39 and 27 respectively last week. Meanwhile, Arthur Maulet had 28 snaps behind only Desir and Moore.The safety position continues to be a mess with Mike Mitchell getting 32 snaps before sustaining a calf injury and Hooker missing the game. Core Moore attempted to fill in alongside Geathers [url=http://www.coltsjerseyproshop.com/peyton-manning-jersey/]White Peyton Manning Jersey[/url] , but it wasn’t pretty and he definitely looked like a 3-4th string backup.Despite not looking 100%, Denico Autry played 41 snaps. Margus Hunt played 45, and Sheard played 43. The loss of Jihad Ward, as well as having Ridgeway out has changed this defensive unit from one that relied on heavy rotation to a group that is a bit more top heavy. Injury has clearly impacted their effectiveness, a factor that hopefully is resolved by getting healthy over the bye week and getting rookie Tyquan Lewis back.Special Teams#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercent#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercent Five years ago, the league decided to take the ultimate reality show’s ultimate reality show on the road. Now, almost every destination wants it.“Indy’s got to get the draft,” Colts owner Jim Irsay said Saturday, via the . “We’ve got to get the draft, but to have that, we’ve got to have the hotels.”That last part is confusing. Indy has the hotels to host a Super Bowl; it did so successfully in early 2012. The broader challenge is that pretty much every other city wants the draft [url=http://www.coltsjerseyproshop.com/peyton-manning-jersey/]Peyton Manning Jersey 2019[/url] , too. And with each draft that draws massive crowds that don’t (unlike certain other massive crowds) need to be embellished, more and more cities will want the draft.Along the way, more and more cities will make more and more offers aimed at making the draft more and more of a financial gold mine. That’s the part of the process that rarely gets much play — the public resources devoted to attracting an event, with the expenditure justified by the thousands who will be staying in those hotels and eating at the restaurants and otherwise spending money at a three-day, open-air draft party.Even if Indy already has enough hotels, Irsay apparently has a habit of seizing on these moments to lobby for more hotels.“In talking to everyone in town, I can’t discourage the great work they do in making sure they book a ton of events and eat up a lot of our hotel space, but I think any time we have a new hotel go up downtown, it’s a win for the city, and for the state, and for the Colts [url=http://www.coltsjerseyproshop.com/johnny-unitas-jersey/]White Johnny Unitas Jersey[/url] , and Pacers and everyone else,” Irsay said.Eventually, the number of hotels and restaurants will hit a point of saturation, at which there simply won’t be enough events to generate the money needed to keep these places open. Besides, has there ever been an issue about Indianapolis not having the hotel space to accommodate its various big events?For the draft, which managed to thrive in Nashville without calls for more hotels, the bigger challenge isn’t coming up with the cash to build hotels. It’s coming up with the cash to get the NFL’s attention, because the draft quickly has become nearly as desirable as the Super Bowl.It’s impressive that the NFL has figured this out, even if it’s odd that it took the NFL so long to realize it.
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