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linchao Oct 11 '19
He’s the most compelling and at times contradictory figure in football. And there’s nothing more compelling or contradictory than the notion that Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has resolved internal angst that caused him to contemplate retirement at age 24 by determining to play long enough to beat Jerry Rice’s all-time receiving yardage record.Beckham explains in an interview with GQ that his personal goal is to play 10 more seasons “[o]r until I can pass Jerry [Rice]. That’s the goal: 23 Womens Jarvis Landry 2019 Jersey ,000 yards.”Rice’s all-time receiving yardage record stands at 22,965, to be precise. Through five seasons, Beckham has 5,476 yards. (Rice, through five years, had 6,364.) So Beckham needs 17,490 yards. At his current average rate of 1,095 per year, he’ll need to play 15 more years to get there — or until he’s 42. Then again, Rice played until he was 42.To get there in only 10 years, Beckham needs to start ramping up his production, dramatically; he needs to average 1 Cleveland Browns T. J. Carrie Jersey ,749 receiving yards per year. To put that in perspective, 99 years of NFL history have produced only five seasons of 1,749 receiving yards or more: Calvin Johnson in 2012 (1,964); Julio Jones in 2015 (1,871); Jerry Rice in 1995 (1,848); Antonio Brown in 2015 (1,834); and Isaac Bruce in 1995 (1,781).So it’s going to be very hard to get there in 15 years. It could be nearly impossible to do it in 10. And it would have been completely impossible to do it, if Beckham had given in to retirement temptations a couple of years ago.“I could’ve done any sport in the world,” Beckham says during the interview. “Not many people know, but I used to talk to my momma and I’d be like, ‘Ma, if I was done doing this now, would you still be proud of me?’ And this was a couple of years ago Womens T. J. Carrie 2019 Jersey , about two or three years ago.”At the time, Beckham had grown weary of the game and “[e]verything around it.”“To love something so much to a place where it is my everything, and to watch it be tainted, or all kinds of things be in the middle of it,” Beckham says. “Like, it hurt me to my soul. It be like loving someone and putting them on such a level to where life is about them and you love that person through anything. Through the good, the bad. And to watch them do something so heinous and vulgar. Something just so, like, almost unforgivable. You still love them, but it’s, like, ”It seems like Beckham considered retirement because he finally realized that football isn’t football but football is business, something he apparently didn’t realize while playing without pay at LSU.“I said in college that I fear the day that they make the game I love a business and not just the game I love,” Beckham sayd. “And as I slowly Cleveland Browns Austin Seibert Jersey , surely, seen that, it changed my heart about it. But then, at the same time, I have to feed my family. I have to set myself up for one day when I have kids — like, I need to set their future.”And so Beckham had a dilemma, and he chose continuing to play a sport that is a business and not just the game he loves. The fact that it’s a business, or course, allows Beckham to feed him family, to set himself up for when he has kids, and to set their future.Frankly, it sounds like Beckham was naive until he realized that football is a business, that he no longer is naive about that, and that he has made the business decision to continue to embrace a game that isn’t really a game but a business Womens Austin Seibert 2019 Jersey , long enough to take care of the business of breaking a record that seems to be unbreakable. Three weeks ago today, Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was still Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. By the end of the day, he had been traded.“I was heading to dinner and I just remember seeing [Giants G.M. Dave] Gettleman calling,” Beckham told reporters on Monday. “I knew something was going down. I picked up the phone and took the call. It was quiet for a minute at dinner. It just was a lot. I do not even know how else to describe it. It was just a lot, a lot of emotions and a lot of thoughts that run through your mind. Your whole life is changing. It is still the same in theory, but it is changing. I just took it to process. I called my mom, I called [Jarvis Landry] and here we are today.”Beckham admitted to being stunned by the news.“It is just a lot to process,” Beckham said. “You start off in New York in your career, and the next thing that you know, I am here today. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be here. Kind of the past is in the past. It was definitely a shock, but I think that I have come to grips with everything and processed everything. It was a lot, but my guy is here and I am excited about that.”He downplayed the differences between playing and living in New York and Cleveland by pointing out that, come August, it doesn’t matter.“[A]t the end of the day Cheap Britton Colquitt Youth Jersey , when you are in the season, you just focus on playing ball anyway,” Beckham said. “I am sure that it will be a little different, but you can make home anywhere.”Beckham accepts the fact that he ultimately can’t control his destination.“This is a different league,” Beckham said. “You do not get to pick where you go. I feel like there is no way God would have led me here to not be here for a reason. It makes sense.”Beckham’s resignation doesn’t make sense, however, given that receiver Antonio Brown was able to tweet his way out of Pittsburgh — and to engineer his destination. Beckham surely realizes that, and it’s something that could become an issue down the road.For now, though, the vibes are positive for a team that hasn’t been this relevant in years. Whether that remains to be the case depends on what happens when it’s time to play games that count later this year.
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