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linchao Dec 9 '19
The anti-Kaepernick crowd has made plenty of hay over the quarterback’s reported request of $20 million or more from the Alliance of American Football and the XFL. That number Womens Laken Tomlinson Jersey , they shout in 280 characters or less, reflects how unreasonable he’s being, which proves how unreasonable he’s been in whatever false-narrative demands he’s made from any NFL teams that may have been interested in him over the last two years.Setting aside the various and sundry phony facts that many fans and some media have attached to Kaepernick since he became a free agent in March 2017 (, “HE OPTED OUT!”), seeking a $1-million-more-than-Blake-Bortles-made-last-year payout from the duo of upstart leagues is hardly unreasonable. First, these leagues need quarterbacks who can play at an acceptable level. The AAF obviously doesn’t have enough, if it has any. The XFL currently has none at all.Second, Kaepernick would put asses in seats and eyeballs on screens. That’s a tangible dollars-and-cents benefit to whichever league lands him Earl Mitchell Jersey White , which at a minimum justifies a careful economic analysis as to whether paying Kaepernick $20 million would directly and/or indirectly generate more than $20 million in revenue. From ticket sales to increased ratings to jersey sales (Nike recently sold out its first run of no-team Kaepernick jerseys), Kaepernick’s presence would provide either league a significant boost.Third, if one league gets him, the other league doesn’t. At a time when it’s unclear whether the American market will support one much less two pro football junior leagues from February to April, putting Kaepernick under contract would give one a tremendous eye over the other.Fourth, there’s no indication that Kaepernick’s reported request represents anything other than an opener. If he asked for $20 million and both the AAF and the XFL refused to budge from their rigid, predetermined salary structures, there would be no negotiation and Womens Jaquiski Tartt Jersey , in turn, no reduction by Kaepernick toward $17 million or $15 million or $12 million or $10 million.Fifth, as it relates to the XFL, committing to the league now would necessarily mean foregoing any opportunity to play in the NFL this year, since he’d surely become the centerpiece of the new league’s marketing efforts, and for good reason. The more that the XFL uses him to market its coming season, the more money the XFL will make on the back end.Sixth, Kaepernick is taking a heightened physical risk by playing in either league Richard Sherman Jersey , given that the offensive line play in the AAF currently stinks, and there’s no reason to think that it will be any better in the XFL, Kaepernick could be more likely to suffer injury by playing in the AAF or the XFL. For a guy who holds out hope of playing in the NFL, there’s value in assuming heightened injury risk.So for those reasons, and possibly others I haven’t thought of, Kaepernick’s $20 million demand — an apparent opening position in negotiations — isn’t unreasonable. But none of what I’ve just typed will change the minds of anyone who made their minds up about him months ago and stubbornly refuse to adopt a new way of thinking about any aspect of his situation. It’s not everyday that a team with five turnovers and a minus-three turnover ratio wins a game, but the 49ers did just that. Dante Pettis caught a 5-yard touchdown pass from Jimmy Garoppolo with 1:15 remaining to give San Francisco a 24-20 victory. The lead changed hands five times in the second half.Yet, the Steelers end the day 0-3 Adrian Colbert Jersey White , while the 49ers move to 3-0.Pettis’ score came seven plays after James Conner‘s fumble at the Pittsburgh 24-yard line and two plays after Mark Barron was penalized for defensive holding in the end zone on third and 11. The 49ers had six red zone possessions, another that ended with a fumble at the Pittsburgh 27 and ended the game at the Pittsburgh 20. They couldn’t get out of their own way, with two interceptions, three lost fumbles and five penalties.Garoppolo had three of the giveaways, throwing two interceptions and losing one of two fumbles. He completed 23 of 32 passes for 277 yards with a touchdown.Jeff Wilson Jr. scored two rushing touchdowns.Mason Rudolph went 14-of-27 for 174 yards with two touchdowns and an interception.
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