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You can rebuild the engine;you can’t rebuild

mirza sam » Sep 15 '15

You can rebuild the engine;you can’t rebuild yourself if you lose your health.  Inside here, we’ve got some, herewe got some cool stuff.  We’ve got dinosaur kale picked out of my garden, grows reallywell, and the other thing I’ve got is really, really cool, really, really rich in phytochemicalsand stuff, anybody know what this is?Celery cabbage.  Those Somatodrol  would be excellent guesses.  Those are all related to these guys.  No, notparsley.  So this is actually called ashitaba.  That was actually a trick question.  No oneprobably knew what this was.  But this is ashitaba, this is why I’m telling you guys about this. This is ashitaba, also known as Angelica keiskei, and this is related to Angelica, so if somebodysaid Angelica, that would’ve been pretty close.  And actually it’s pretty funny, becausethis stuff actually bleeds this, I don’t know if you guys can see, it’s pretty small,it bleeds a yellow sap.  So, if we break this off, like we bleed red, this stuff bleedsyellow.  And in its yellow coloring, there are these things called chalcones, which arevery powerful antioxidants.




mirza sam
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